MARSOC M45A1 Contract Holsters from Safariland

I’ve gotten a few inquiries as to available holsters for the M45A1 CQBP produced by Colt’s Manufacturing. Some have tried to use the same holsters for the Colt Rail Gun, not realizing the rail dimensions on the M45A1 are different. Anyway, the holsters provided by Safariland to the Marine Corps are a great place to start if you’re looking for a functional, durable duty holster. The Safariland Part Numbers for the holsters are as follows:

6004SS-56-761-SP10-MS30-NH (No Light Attached)

6004SS-530-761-MS30-NH (X200/300 Attached)

These holsters come standard with the excellent Quick Locking System (QLS) which allows the holster to be quickly mounted anywhere you have the QLS locking plate. The SS designation indicates the holster has the compact leg shroud with one strap, a system I find to be more comfortable than the traditional dual leg straps. The compact shroud also allows the holster to sit higher on the leg resulting in less flop and a quicker, more consistent draw.

I did discover that the plastic grommet that surrounds the tensioning screw needs to be removed in order for the M45A1 to fit. This only applies to the model for the M45A1 pistol without the light attached. Both holsters utilize the SLS retention system, which works better for me than the ALS system when used in conjunction with a pistol with a manual thumb safety.

Both of these holsters are available through London Bridge Trading or can be special ordered through any Safariland dealer.

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10 thoughts on “MARSOC M45A1 Contract Holsters from Safariland

  1. I just thought of this. I would guess the Marines will carry this gun in condition 3?

  2. After the Marine Security Forces were stood up to replace the Marine Barracks and MarDets in the late ’80s, their level of firearms training was increased dramatically. They drew most of their curriculum from Gunsite and all Marine Security Force Marines carried their 1911s Condition 1 until they were replaced by the M9 Beretta. The M9s were carried Condition 1 as well.

    All Force Recon and MARSOC Marines are trained to carry their 1911s in Condition 1. That has been the case since the Marine Corps stood up the Direct Action Platoons within Force Recon in the late 80’s as part of the MAU(SOC) – Marine Amphibous Unit (Special Operations Capable), which later became MEU(SOC) – Marine Expeditionary Unit (Special Operations Capable).

    The Force Recon DA Platoon and SOTG – Special Operations Training Group drew their firearms curriculum from Gunsite, as well as LAPD Metro D Platoon (LAPD SWAT – which also drew their curriculum from Gunsite).


  3. I called London Bridge Trading to check on these holsters and they said they don’t sell Safariland holsters any more. Also, I can’t find anything on Safariland’s website about the 6004 with only one leg strap. Any suggestions where to find these?

  4. Thanks for the headsup. Do you know if the SF light compatible model will also fit the x300 ultras?

  5. I can’t seem to find these holsters anywhere either. London Bridge only has them with dual leg straps and the model numbers don’t quite match up. I’d be interested to know where to find them as well because I can’t find any 6004 holsters anywhere with the single leg strap and they have me curious to try out.

  6. Any Safariland dealer can order these for you, or you can order from Safariland direct. I havent tried with X300U but at most you will just need to make minor mods to the holster (like take out end cap).

  7. Question about holsters. Say i have a Kydex Holster that fits a colt rail gun with a stream light tlr2 attached. Will this same holster work with the M45?

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