Alternative Carbine Training Options on a Budget

Two excellent training tools to compensate for the ever increasing cost of .223 or 5.56 training ammunition: Next Level Training’s SIRT AR Bolt and Smith & Wesson’s M&P 15-22 .22 caliber rifle.

Thanks to the recent push by politicians to capitalize on the public’s emotions and institute further restrictions on law abiding citizens, along with the ever increasing cost of raw materials, ammunition is more expensive than ever. Around January, a 1000 round case of PMC .223 caliber ammunition was selling for nearly $2000 a case. Thankfully, costs have come down, but it is still difficult to come by, and a 1000 round case of factory training ammunition still costs upwards of $600-800. Training organizations have responded by allowing students to attend courses with .22 caliber rifles or conversion kits.

Here, we’ll take a look at a couple options that can help us maximize our training efficiency without breaking the bank on ammunition. Continue reading

Improving Target to Target Transition Speed: The Circle Madness Target

One of the lessons Hilton and I learned this year after the Pro Am match was the importance of practicing target to target transitions. This year’s match had quite a few stages in which shooters were forced to transition between targets of varying difficulty. The tendency is to engage a target too fast after engaging an easy (large or close range) target, or take too much time on a close range target after making a more technical shot. Continue reading

NLT’s Zombie SIRT

Next Level Training’s Latest SIRT Model with Green Slide

Most of our readers know that we are big proponents of Next Level Training’s SIRT Pistol. Using this innovative training tool for dry practice and integrating it into live fire training has yielded tremendous results in terms of speed and accuracy.

The latest addition to Next Level Training’s product line is the “Homo Coprophagus Somnambulus” or Zombie model. Despite the bright green slide and timely marketing, this model is extremely practical: it combines the economical polymer slide of the Performer model with the versatile green laser indicator found in the top of the line 110 PRO Model, which can be used outdoors in bright daylight conditions. With an introductory price of $289, Next Level Training has effectively lowered the barrier to entry for anyone serious about pistol training.

Remember that our readers are eligible for a 10% discount by entering “10-8” in the coupon code box at checkout. Active/retired Law Enforcement or Military should contact me directly for an even more generous discount.


SIRT Drills: Maintenance Drill #2

Earlier this week, my good friend Hilton Yam posted on the 10-8 Performance Blog a simple maintenance set of drills that can be done with the SIRT pistol from Next Level Training. It’s an excellent way to get 40 quality trigger presses in from every (normal) way one might hold the pistol. Hilton’s post reminded me of a warmup I used to do to start off every range session.
The set is very simple:

SIRT Performer Training Pistol

Next Level Training’s SIRT Performer

There is no excuse not to own Next Level Training’s SIRT (Shot Indicating Resetting Trigger) Pistol. It has all the features of the SIRT 110 Pistol, but utilizes a red shot indicating laser and a red take-up indicating laser. It is perfect for indoor training. Instead of the machined from bar stock slide, the Performer’s slide is made of a lightweight polymer. The result is a training pistol that has a street price of about $200!

We at 10-8 have been training quite a bit with the SIRT pistol over the past several months and have attributed our increased skills directly to the addition of the SIRT to our training regimen. When it comes to effective training, it really does come down to training quality movement in high volume. The SIRT removes barriers to dry practice training. Because it is not an actual pistol, it does not pose a safety hazard and there are no worries about dinging up your walls with airsoft pellets or worse yet, unintentionally launching a round into your wife’s priceless grandfather clock.

Visit and check out all the SIRT products to find out which one is right for you. A hint: red/red works great for indoors and green/red is better at outdoor training as the green laser is much more visible than the red laser in bright outdoor conditions.

When you order, use the “10-8” coupon code to receive your discount. If you are active duty Law Enforcement, email for a special code to get an additional discount!

Tim Lau
10-8 Consulting, LLC