Photo of the Day: AR15 Bolt with Robar NP3

At the suggestion of my good friend Freddie Blish, I recently sent out a mil spec AR15/M16 bolt to Robar Guns for their NP3 Finish. Though I have known of Robar and their NP3 for decades, I really didn’t know much about the finish other than it was based on electroless nickel. A quick phone call to Freddie got me up to speed. The Cliff Notes version is that the Robar Companies spend most of their resources fulfilling industrial contracts, including plating of critical aircraft components for the military with many of the same finishes seen on their firearms. And Robbie Barrkman is no stranger to custom guns, as he was the original gunsmith for Jeff Cooper at the American Pistol Institute a.k.a. Gunsite.

Freddie highlighted the benefits of the latest iteration of NP3, including extreme corrosion resistance (1000+ hours of salt spray resistance), embedded PTFE in the coating makes it self-lubricating, exceptional abrasion resistance without being excessively hard so as to cause abnormal wear on softer parts that mate up to the coated surface. The coating is also easy to clean, and in most cases fouling will wipe right off the surface. What does this mean? Freddie expects that my bolt will have an enhanced service life and asked me to shoot the gun completely dry to see how long it will run before failure. This is a completely foreign concept to me as I keep my AR/M4 platforms wet with lube as a matter of practice, but I will grit my teeth and do as instructed. Results will be posted here.


Photo of the Day: Robar Glock

On our recent visit to Phoenix (AZ) for our 1911 Armorer’s Course, we had the pleasure of visiting with Freddie Blish and Robbie Barrkman of Robar Guns. Known for his extremely durable firearm finishes and Glock modifications, we took a look at one of his creations. This custom Glock is built on a Robar slide, Robar match barrel, and modified Glock frame with grip reduction, texturing, and beavertail. The slide is machined for the Trijicon RMR with suppressor height BUIS. The trigger work is superb with minimal take-up and a clean break.

I had not been all that excited about custom Glocks as it goes against my Glock philosophy, but these guns made me change my mind. I have a custom slide on order, and as soon as my G17 frame arrives, I will be sending it off to Robar. The texturing is especially nice, as it offers a grippy surface without being abrasive. The grip reduction removes the finger grooves and the high cut underneath the trigger guard improves the ergonomics more than I would have expected.

As expected, the slide is coated in PolyT2 and barrel is coated with the ultra slick NP3 for great corrosion resistance and enhanced lubricity.

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Robar/10-8/MSW/Glock 17 External Modifications.

This part of my review will feature the external modifications preformed by Robar on the project Glock 17. The modifications include refinishing the slide in PolyT2 Gunmetal Gray. Forward cocking serrations to match the factory rear serrations. Tri-Fit Backstrap System with 3 interchangeable backstraps. Rounded and textured triggerguard. High Grip Modification. Small Beavertail. Full Grip Texturing. Fitting a 10-8 Front Tritium Sight and a 10-8 .156 Rear Sight.

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