Another View on the Mini Red Dot Sight from Trijicon (RMR02)

I have been running a Trijicon RMR-02 Mini Red Dot Sight on my duty pistol for some time now. Earlier this year in March, after intentionally dropping the pistol while training with my back-up gun I noticed a significant zero shift. I re-zeroed the sight and did not have any more issues. Unfortunately, in early October, I experienced a repeated problem with the sight losing zero. So the sight went back to Trijicon for warranty repair.

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Photo of the Day: Glock 17 RTF with Mods

Some ATEi and Sentinel Design love on Tim’s Glock 17 RTF.

This Glock 17 RTF serves as the test platform for my RMR 07. Though Hilton, Erick, and other 10-8 crew have gone through more RMRs in the past several months than underwear, I wanted to put some time in on the concept so I don’t go the way of the Blackberry (remember those?)

Note that most of the folks that comment about how their RMR’s are working just fine appear to only have low round counts through the platform, or don’t really shoot them at all. I will report back at 1000 round intervals assuming the optic holds up that long.


Sentinel Design Magwell