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   The company makes/sells tourniquet cases, medical pouches, kits, and related supplies.  LE agency, military unit (the backgrounds of the company’s founders), and related individual purchases account for almost all of their sales. From their website:

“When we started to develop the prototypes for our new product line, we had a decision to make … Overseas production or USA production. Even though we could of made more profit having everything manufactured overseas, we decided keeping everything here was more important. All of our products are manufactured in Cleveland, Ohio with US made materials. We keep hearing that manufacturing in the States is dead, we beg to differ. Designed, prototyped, tested and manufactured all locally. Even our packaging is printed in Cleveland!”

I carry a tourniquet (the C-A-T®) in my comprehensive medical kit (see prior post here), but rarely carry one on my person.  Thus, I have been in the market to buy a second (“two is one, one is none”) C-A-T® and a dedicated tourniquet belt carrier. A gear guru buddy coincidentally sent me an email with a link to Eleven*10 with a positive recommendation (“these are nice”) for their flagship tourniquet case. I bought (@ $38.99) this rigid case:

It is available in several colors, attachment ready for MOLLE, paddle, or how I purchased it, by Tek-Lok®.  Also available with a plain “slick” front. (One of the owners of the company told me that unit operators often get the “slick” model since the operators use the same location and thus a medical identifier is unnecessary). Models for the SOF®TT tourniquet are also available.  (The C-A-T® models are injection molded.  SOF®TT are Kydex, in the process of being converted to being made injection molded). Every order gets free shipping.

I like the idea of a dedicated pouch rather than, when seconds count, having a lifesaving piece of medical kit flopping around inside a medical pouch.  It makes a good snug fit, folded ready for deployment, with little chance for being dislodged.  Location is a matter of personal preference and depends on what other equipment is carried on the belt/rig.  (I haven’t worked that out yet, but suspect it will be strong side just forward of holster).  Again, from their website:

“Our approach to self-aid gear is less is more. We produce some of the most streamlined and efficient kits on the market. Our kits are designed by non-medics (with some valuable input from doctors and medics) to ensure that they are easy to use with minimal training. The end goal is to make sure you have the right equipment to make it home to your family.”

Agency pricing is available.  The company has a retail dealer network which includes well-known tactical medical vendors. The product can also be purchased on Amazon and eBay™ as well.

Link: The Amazon reviews by LEO purchasers are quite favorable.

Here’s wishing your TQ goes unused.

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2 thoughts on “MADE IN THE USA : ELEVEN * 10

  1. I run one of these on my duty belt with a CAT tq in it and then keep another TQ on my plate carrier and have a bigger medical bag in the trunk.

  2. Those who are willing to fight with whatever tool may be available, overlook the possibility of first blood taken by the street cretin. We spend much time ogling
    tools of war( I love my 5 1911’s), and the accessories that make them effective, while ignoring the most important part of the weapons system- the body that wields it. A device for slowing or stopping blood loss should be a mandatory component for an effective weapons system. My go bag contains Quik-clot as well as the big T. I also have one attached to my vest.
    Tac knifes, dozen mags, extras guns, chemicals, etc. are also in the soup mix

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