Photo of the Day: Dry Fire Training Setup

This photo was sent to us by one of our more dedicated students after he discovered Next Level Training’s SIRT pistol. Though optimized for the laser training pistol and rifle bolt, this can be used with virtually any dry practice setup. An A-frame ladder can be utilized for virtually any conventional or unconventional braced position. With this setup, your training is truly only limited by your imagination. Single target and target to target transitions are just the beginning. So stop making excuses and start off the year right with some solid training.

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About Tim Lau

Tim Lau has over a decade of experience as an end user, armorer and instructor. He has worked for several well known firearms training organizations, and holds multiple firearms instructor certifications. He owns and operates 10-8 Consulting, LLC, which provides industry consulting services as well as marksmanship and specialized firearms training to qualified civilian, law enforcement and military personnel.

4 thoughts on “Photo of the Day: Dry Fire Training Setup

  1. I also use a cat house in my training – awesome. Or do I train in a cat house?

    Just kidding. Nice focus on training here at the beginning of the new year.

    Happy shooting,

  2. I do the same thing in my garage!
    Except I don’t use target, but some other reference point, such as tool box or light switch.

    Either way, the Look I get from my neighbor is priceless…

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