First Look: 87 Industries Pinned Gas Block Kit

87 Industries Gas Block Kit comes complete with the gas block, set screw, cross pin, gas tube pin, and hex wrench.

Our dedicated followers know that a pinned gas block is cheap insurance that your gas system won’t leak or come apart at the worst possible moment. Popular extended hand guard systems don’t make it easy to check if your set screws or gas block is loose, and a cross pin is the most reliable way to ensure your gas block is snug. However, for end users that don’t have access to custom fixturing or a mill, pinning a gas block on your own build can be a hassle. Enter 87 Industries.

They offer a Pinned Gas Block Kit which is set up so that the end user can install a pinned gas block with nothing more than a vise and a drill press. The owner tells me that it can even be done with a steady hand and a hand drill in a pinch. The kit includes a drill bit, tapered cross pin that eliminates the need for reaming, Loctite 262, set screw to hold the block in place during drilling, and allen head wrench. The gas block is made of very tough 17-4 Stainless finished with black oxide. The block works with .750″ diameter barrels.

I will be installing one of these with a drill press on a future build, so stay tuned.

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One thought on “First Look: 87 Industries Pinned Gas Block Kit

  1. Tim,
    I have a standard H-bar front sight. Besides gaining more potential rail space, are there other significant benefits to going with a gas block? Just not sure that I need to invest the time and money (although I would prefer a fold down front sight with a less obstructed sight picture).

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