COLT M45 1911 Dual Recoil Spring Test Part 1

Springfield 1911/Colt M45 Dual Recoil Spring Assembly

A short time ago Hilton contacted me about evaluating the Colt M45 1911 Dual Recoil Spring Assembly. As you may know from earlier articles, Colt developed the Dual Recoil Spring assembly for use in the M45 at the request of the Marine Corps. The system is designed to prolong spring life between changes and increase the round count between them.

The outermost spring is the same diameter as a standard recoil spring, with the inner spring fitting closely inside. The innermost spring is slightly longer than the outer spring. The system will work with a standard GI recoil spring plug, however it must be used with the supplied recoil spring guide rod due to the smaller diameter inner spring. The supplied guide rod shaft is smaller than a GI guide rod, however the other dimensions are the same as a standard guide rod.

Installation is the same as a standard spring system. The spring system is designed for a 5 inch 1911.

I’ve installed the system in my Springfield 1911. Testing will consist of varying numbers of various types of ammunition to determine the spring systems effects on reliability. The test pistol has proven 100% reliable with a Wolff 18 lb spring, which is my standard spring setup in any 1911 I build.

Stay tuned for further updates as the test protocol continues.


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4 thoughts on “COLT M45 1911 Dual Recoil Spring Test Part 1

  1. I’d be curious how this would compare with the Wilson flat recoil spring as far as longevity is concerned.

  2. Is this something 10-8 would be selling?I’m looking forward to more reviews on these.

    • We are not sure what Colt’s plans are for this setup. Our current role is just to help them validate whether or not this works ok in a normal 1911. If they do release it for sale, it would not be something 10-8 would carry, as we do not really make practice of selling items from other vendors.

  3. I have had excellent service from chrome-silicon recoil springs in terms of service life, and don’t see the need for the introduction of the new dual spring system. As I understand it, the Marines still intend to replace the new springs in what seems to a short interval, I wonder about the need for this change.

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