Robar/10-8/MSW/Glock 17 External Modifications.

This part of my review will feature the external modifications preformed by Robar on the project Glock 17. The modifications include refinishing the slide in PolyT2 Gunmetal Gray. Forward cocking serrations to match the factory rear serrations. Tri-Fit Backstrap System with 3 interchangeable backstraps. Rounded and textured triggerguard. High Grip Modification. Small Beavertail. Full Grip Texturing. Fitting a 10-8 Front Tritium Sight and a 10-8 .156 Rear Sight.

The PolyT2 Gunmetal Gray finish is tough as nails, impervious to any cleaners or solvents you’d ever use on a firearm and more (check Robar’s website for a detailed list) quite striking and available in a variety of other color choices. The pistol has shot approximately 700 malfunction free rounds, and been drawn in live and dry fire approximately 500 times, and the finish shows no wear on the exterior. As noted in part 2 of the series, the PolyT2 shows slight wear internally from the parts burnishing together, however this appears to have stopped after the initial break in.

The forward Cocking Serrations make press checking the pistol easier and match the rear factory serrations perfectly while maintaining the factory Glock slide markings. The 10-8 Sights are my go to system on every pistol I own, and are my recommendation to my students as well. The .156 rear sight makes fast front sight acquisition easier and the design provides a way to work the slide during a one handed reload or malfunction clearance. They are extremely rugged yet user friendly in both duty and concealed carry.


PolyT2 Finish/Front Cocking Serrations/10-8 Sights and Beavertail

The frame modifications really improve the fit of the pistol to the hand. The Beavertail eliminates the bite of the left corner of the tang into the base of the right thumb that I and many others experience when shooting a large number of rounds in training. It also spreads felt recoil over the web of the hand and makes establishing a secure grip during the draw more positive. The High Cut under the trigger guard is highly recommended. Not only does it make the pistol sit lower in the hand, reducing felt recoil, it also eliminates “Glock Finger” that many shooters experience.

High Cut and Rounded/Textured Trigger Guard.

The full grip texture gives a very secure purchase when gripping the pistol. I’ve test fired the pistol with my hands being sweaty and with gun lubes on them with no slipping of my grip on the pistol. The texture is not abrasive during protracted training sessions, and is comfortable and non snag during concealed carry.

Full Grip Texture

The TRI-FIT Backstrap includes three inserts which are retained by the trigger housing pin. I’ve been using the small backstrap which gives the grip the feel and angle of a 1911 grip. The small insert is the one featured in the photos. The other inserts give the feel of a standard Glock grip or the large Glock grip in my opinion. The inserts are made of a rubber material and feature a pattern similar to the standard Glock grip pattern. The TRI-FIT inserts fill in the area which is commonly left open in a standard Glock, or filled in with aftermarket grip plugs. The TRI-FIT System can be fitted to Gen1-2-3 Glocks, but not Gen 4’s

TRI-FIT Backstrap.

While the modifications can be ordered separately to address any issues you have with your pistol, together they really improve the grip, fit in the hand, and feel of the pistol. The point ability of the pistol is improved and can be customized to the user. The pistol points and tracks in recoil better and control of the pistol is enhanced. The work that Robar preformed is flawless and their service is first class.

Stay tuned for part 4 for an overall performance evaluation and testing results.

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Bob Henckel is a retired Police Officer and currently serves with the Department of the Air Force. He has 40 years combined military and law enforcement experience. Bob has experience in Patrol, Training, Emergency Service Team Member and was the Senior Firearms Instructor and Armorer in his previous department. Bob also has over 25 years experience as a Firearms Instructor. He holds numerous Instructor Certifications in Pistol, Carbine and Shotgun. He is also a Certified Instructor in Concealed Carry, Force On Force, Active Shooter, NRA Advanced Pistol Instructor, ASP Baton and OC Spray.

4 thoughts on “ROBAR/10-8/MSW GLOCK17-PART 3

  1. I have had Robar put beaver tails on my last 3 Glocks along with the high grip cut. I also had them texture the beaver tails. What a major difference!!! Grip angle is right on the money. The texutre now makes that slippery gun secured to my hand whrn I sweat. We really sweat down here in South FL. I realy like the texture. I will never run a Glock with out the texture and beaver tail. I also had them put front cocking serrations on all 3 pistols. They look great!!!!
    General Manager Freddie Blish is great to deal with. I know I bother him with all my questions. This guy is about customer service!!!!! Everybody I have delt with at Robar is top notch with there customer service. If you have not Roberized a Glock What are YOU waiting for.
    Top Gun Service!

  2. On the grip texture, did you go medium or is that the aggressive texture (if you covered this in the article, I missed it and apologies)?

    This is a very timely article for me as I’ve been considering some work from Robar.

    I’ve tried other gunsmith’s stippling, but have been disappointed on how the aggressiveness tends to wear out and you end up with close to factory “grippyness” (I’m sure thats a word). I was considering Robar as a coworker’s Robar Glock feels the same after 3 years of hard use.

    I was considering the Robar texture without the grip reduction as most reductions I’ve felt tend to feel awkward to me (to each his own).

    I do like the thought of the Tri-Fit as it seems to allow you to have a grip reduction in increments (kinda Goldilocks it so it is just right).

    Thanks for an informative article.

    • Chuck Mc
      The texture is Robars “Medium” and the Tri-Fit System is the way to go, as you can customize the fit to your hand. I can’t recommend the Robar modifications enough. Stay tuned for Part 4 in the series.

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