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Every once in a while we have guest instructors come in to the Academy and teach their particular take on things.  It is a nice perk of the job to be able to meet many of them and hear what they have to say on the various topics we all deal with on a daily basis.  Several weeks back Jeff Gonzales of Trident Concepts stopped in to teach their Advanced Carbine class.  Other than having taken his class and met him a few times, I barely know Jeff, so I spend my time in the background listening to the conversation.  What came up during one lunch conversation was a discussion about AR platform rifle triggers and the new design TriCon had worked out with Geissele Automatics.  The Super TriCon Trigger.

Borrowed this from the Geissele web site. The trigger is 100% pure Geissele quality with an innovative design.

At first pass it seems like any other very high end trigger set for the AR platform.  It would be silly to expect anything less from Geissele.  What sets it apart is the shape of the trigger and how it impacts the end user’s ability to get shots on target not only smoothly, but with much more accurate follow up shots.  I stepped out into the Pro Shop and grabbed one for my 10″ SIG SAUER 516.

A ribbed trigger face and the unique shape set the Geissele Super TriCon Trigger apart from the rest.

Installation was simple.  the kit included instructions which I would encourage you to read through before swapping out the parts.  There are a few steps regarding pin alignment and lubrication that Geissele and TriCon would like you to follow.  Otherwise, if you can change the oil in your car, you can swap out this trigger package.  Stainless steel springs, new pins, hammer, sear and all the associated parts are included.  All are Geissele quality.  Not to sound too much like a fanboy here, but if you haven’t tried one yet, you just don’t understand Geissele triggers.

No way I could take a photo this good. I borrowed this one from the Geissele web site.

I took the new trigger out to the range and ran it while testing my new Trijicon SRS and it was smooth with a crisp break.  The 2 stage trigger system is made of tool steel and comes with a full power hammer spring which provides exemplary ignition reliability.  Ultimately the ribbed trigger shape is what sets it apart.

The shape of the trigger allows the shooter to move their finger straight back eliminating a lot of muzzle movement while firing.

The trigger face flattens out near the bottom.  I found this to be a great help in keeping my finger moving fore and aft while pressing the trigger.  The payoff is a significant reduction in muzzle movement while pressing the trigger and more accurate follow up shots.  Being a 1911 guy, I like my triggers moving in line, rather than in a sweeping arc.  The shape of the Super TriCon Trigger is a huge step forwards in keeping your finger moving in the right direction.

The Geissele web site lists the trigger at $235.00 which is in keeping with high end trigger systems for the AR platform.  After using it for a few thousand rounds I am inclined to think that Jeff, TriCon and the folks at Geissele got it right and it is worth every penny.  I replaced the WC, TTU in my rifle with the Super TriCon Trigger and I plan to keep it this way.

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Scott Ballard is an instructor at the Sig Sauer Academy with 25 years of experience working as a private security contractor and executive/dignitary protection specialist. His experience includes training and development of high-value/high-risk protective security details and corporate security teams. Scott has over 15 years experience as a security detail trainer that includes specialties such as protective tactics, firearms and less-lethal weapons, defensive driving and detail operations. Scott is a certified executive protection specialist, master firearms instructor, force-on-force instructor and range-master. He is also a member of the United States Concealed Carry Organization, the Armed Citizens Legal Defense Network and is a life member of the NRA and SAF.

4 thoughts on “Geissele Automatics – Super Tricon Trigger

  1. Scott…
    Can you offer a comparative opinion of the TriCon v. Super Dynamic Combat or Enhanced trigger? Thanks!

    • Sorry Billy, I can not.

      I have not used Geissele triggers enough to offer an objective opinion. Everyone who has tried it tells me it feels just like their SDC but with a different trigger shape.

      The shape is what sold me on the trigger. I am well over 6500 rounds on this trigger now and it just keeps getting better!

      • Thx Scott…
        Agreed, Bill’s triggers get better with each round discharged.
        I’ve been using them for several years.

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