Photo Of The Day: S&W M&P Shields

We recently acquired two 9mm M&P Shields for carry/backup and as student loaner guns. (For when a student shows up at class with what a Gunshop Commando told them they needed, rather than what is the best gun for them.)

These were my first foray into the world of the M&P and so far I’m impressed. While I’ve seen M&P’s in class and competition and shot a few rounds through them, I had not owned/carried one until now.

The pistols come with flush fit 7 round and extended 8 round magazines. The extended magazine actually extends the grip in a useable manner, rather than the pinky hook found on the front of many magazines.

While larger that some other pocket pistols, I have found they work very well in a pocket holster or an ankle holster. I’ve also carried AIWB with the holster in the photo.

So far each pistol has shot 100 rounds in testing and proved completely reliable. While certainly not a complete break in, it is encouraging. The group in the photo was 15 rounds at 7 yards.

More testing and student evaluations to follow.

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About Bob Henckel

Bob Henckel is a retired Police Officer and currently serves with the Department of the Air Force. He has 40 years combined military and law enforcement experience. Bob has experience in Patrol, Training, Emergency Service Team Member and was the Senior Firearms Instructor and Armorer in his previous department. Bob also has over 25 years experience as a Firearms Instructor. He holds numerous Instructor Certifications in Pistol, Carbine and Shotgun. He is also a Certified Instructor in Concealed Carry, Force On Force, Active Shooter, NRA Advanced Pistol Instructor, ASP Baton and OC Spray.

5 thoughts on “Photo Of The Day: S&W M&P Shields

  1. Bob, who manufactured the holster? Also, I would buy a M&P Shield if I ever saw one!!!

    • Elmer
      Actually I manufactured the holster. I used to have my own business. The Shield is very popular, we bought 2 and the LGS we do business with sold approximately 262 in a week according to one of the associates. Good Luck in your search.

  2. I’m sure you will be happy. I too own two (2), both with Apex Carry kits, and Novak sights. My EDC, and replaced a G26 (too fat for me IWB). Perfect ? No, really – what is ? Everyone in my shooting/training group buys one after trying mine.

    • Alan,
      We did pretty much the same in my organization where most carry either G19/26 for concealed/BUG. A vast majority weighted the ability to better conceal the Shield as more important than additional capacity of the Glocks in many situations we work in.
      I’ve recently switched to the Shield as a personal concealed carry along with my other family members. Agree, not perfect, but is meeting a need for market segment desiring a slim single stack with “Quality” features. If the 19/26 were in a single stack; the Glocks crew would’ve probably cornered this requirement as well.

  3. I also got one for my wife and she loves it. I had good input to help me make a choice.

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