Firearms Safety – Why do we take it for granted?

This installment there are no pictures.  No high speed/low drag, Crossfit fueled, SWAT laden cool guy pictures.  My apologies to Tim and Hilton for not having pictures as required. (Editor: We don’t require pictures for every post!)

Instead, I hope this article will serve as a moment of pause.

It is 2013.  Why are gun owners still negligently shooting people in their homes?  Notice I said negligently.  I am talking about the unintentional shooting of a family member or guest that usually winds up with the shooter telling the first responding officer “I thought it was unloaded”.

The liberal left tries to get everyone to equate gun control with gun safety.  They seek an emotional response by invoking, “It’s for the children”.  Fact of the matter is that their versions of gun control have nothing to do with safety, nothing to do with guns, and everything to do with control.  What I am referring to is firearms safety becoming a way of life.  It becoming organic to who you are, a thread in your DNA.

I know this is not an issue for the majority of our readership.  But, maybe we should become safety ambassadors.  That guy at the gun store that flags everyone looking at the new SIG pistol.  Or stands there talking to the clerk with his finger in the trigger while admiring the new AR.  The guy that stores the AR on the rack at the public range with the bolt closed.  Perhaps we need to approach these folks, strike up a conversation, and politely attempt to educate them on what they do wrong.  I know many of us will overlook minor violations, but if we help them along with the minor stuff, maybe it will get them to realize the importance of gun safety. Perhaps, that little interaction will allow them to learn a bit about safety.  Maybe the little small interaction, and kind words of safety to them will keep them from standing over a dead child later saying “I thought it was unloaded”.

It’s 2013.  There is absolutely no reason to negligently kill another person with a firearm “on accident”.


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Jerry Jones has been a Sheriff's Deputy in Kentucky since 1996. Jerry is currently assigned as a patrol deputy, firearms instructor and senior operator/training supervisor with a multi jurisdictional tactical team. Jerry is Kentucky POST certified to teach firearms, SWAT, and sniper operations and deployment at the Academy level. Jerry is also the President/CEO of Operation Specific Training and the Law Enforcement Representative for Apex Tactical Specialties.

5 thoughts on “Firearms Safety – Why do we take it for granted?

  1. Amen! A friend of mine once stated very clearly, “its not a matter of if y
    ou’ll ever have an AD/ND, its just a matter of when.” If you always remember that that, and take steps accordingly, then maybe you just might get thru life without one.

  2. I work the counter at a gun store and cant even begin to count how many times ive had a gun pointed at my head with someones finger on the trigger. I always try to bring up that your finger is Never on the trigger till your ready to fire. But its hard to just not outright call them out and then someone might take offense. I try to ease it in the conversation and always lead by example but some people just cant take the hint.

  3. I completely agree. It is up to each of us to not remain quiet, and to speak up and correct people when they are unsafe. Letting it slide, and not holding people accountable (including ourselves) is what leads to complacency and negligence.

  4. We recently lost a long time local shooter to a moment of inattention while he was cleaning his handgun. A moment that cost him his life. Tragic and senseless. We all need to step up and correct safely violations when we see them.

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