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Alessi DOJ-S


I know that many of us have made the switch to Kydex Holsters and support gear. And while Kydex certainly has it’s place, I for one still like the look and feel of quality leather holsters and accessories. While I’ve owned quality holsters from several makers, I’ve come to the conclusion that you’d be hard pressed to surpass the quality of Alessi Holsters. The workmanship fit finish and leather quality are second to none. While I own several Alessi products, in OWB, IWB, and Ankle Holsters, this review is focused on the DOJ-S.

The DOJ-S is a vertical carry strong side OWB Holster. The DOJ is available in two configurations. The standard DOJ uses a belt slot, with the DOJ-S using a snap closed loop.  All use a rear belt tunnel. The mouth of the holster is reinforced with an additional layer of leather and slightly lowered for ease of drawing.The holster is also available in an open port version, which lowers the front of the holster further.  The ride height of the holster on the belt is what I would describe as a mid ride, placing the rear opening of the ejection port on my Glock 19 level with the holsters opening and the belt. The vertical ride gives me the ability to grip and draw my weapon and keep my wrist locked, rather than breaking my wrist as with an FBI Cant holster. This is in keeping with my training and feel of my duty holster, which is a vertical ride as well.

When I first received my DOJ-S I really didn’t see the rational for the snap feature. After using it for some time I realized that the snap feature gives the wearer the ability to move the position of the holster on the belt without unthreading the belt, dependent on pants belt loop placement of course. This would allow the wearer to move the holster forward into an appendix carry position, such as when driving. It can also be worn as a cross draw. While not my preferred method of carry, it does add to the versatility of the holster.

I’ve found my DOJ-S required some break in, this is expected with any quality leather holster and is preferred over a holster which starts out loose and gets unsafe after break in.

The DOJ-S conceals well under a loose polo shirt and provides a secure comfortable ride on the belt. The draw is fast and consistent with my training. The fit and finish is outstanding and provides a classic look if that is important to you.

Last but not least, each time I’ve called Alessi, I spoke with a human being who was interested in taking care of my request in a professional manner. How often do you call a company today and get the owner on the phone?

While perhaps not as Tacticool as Black or Dark Earth Kydex. I for one hope that Black Leather Is Always In Style.

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Bob Henckel is a retired Police Officer and currently serves with the Department of the Air Force. He has 40 years combined military and law enforcement experience. Bob has experience in Patrol, Training, Emergency Service Team Member and was the Senior Firearms Instructor and Armorer in his previous department. Bob also has over 25 years experience as a Firearms Instructor. He holds numerous Instructor Certifications in Pistol, Carbine and Shotgun. He is also a Certified Instructor in Concealed Carry, Force On Force, Active Shooter, NRA Advanced Pistol Instructor, ASP Baton and OC Spray.

2 thoughts on “Black Leather Is Always In Style

  1. I am a huge leather snob. Kydex has been a good option for replacing general purpose service holsters, but there is NOTHING like custom built high quality leather holsters. Like polymer framed pistols, kydex holsters have no soul. On the other hand, there is nothing more satisfying than sliding a high end custom 1911 or big bore revolver into a hand-boned perfectly fit leather, or other exotic natural material holster.

  2. Great article about great holsters. I was a personal friend of the late Lou Alessi, and own over 75 various Alessi holsters for all my platforms.

    I own Kydex holsters, and use them for some of my handguns (mostly Glocks), but not my 1911s or BHPs.

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