Guns and Gear: Have Fun

In the training industry, we tend to complain about folks who spend too much of their money on guns and gear rather than ammunition and training.  That idea is sound and is aimed at those folks who rarely, if ever, attend classes or practice defensive skills.  There are a lot of inhibiting factors which keep us from enrolling in quality classes. Tuition is generally about $225 per day and about a grand per week.

Ammunition is also expensive and the practice range is often far away. Time away from home is always a challenge. That means time away from the family, chores and just life in general.  Sometimes, however, what keeps us from practice and training is a matter of motivation.

I’m a life-long, dilettante runner.  I find it easier to hit the road after recently acquiring a new pair of shoes or ear buds.  Sometimes, the $.99 song added to the MP3 player is enough to push me into a long, cleansing run.  The same can be said for the self-defense  minded person. A new holster or shot timer might be just the catalyst that gets that guy/gal to the range.  “New gun day” almost guarantees a trip to ballistic heaven.  I ask, “why not?”  Buy that new blaster you don’t really need.  Get that custom holster with the logo of your college Alma mater painted on it. Enjoy those lever action rifles and single action revolvers.  Don’t sweat those folks who think everything has to be about urban combat.  Guess what?  My favorite caliber is the 10mm!  I don’t carry it for bipedal defense…it’s just for personal enjoyment.  My favorite gun is a S&W 4″ Model 629.  Yes!  A .44 Magnum!  If that were widely known, Tactical Timmys would gather around me with a sack of stones.

Respected firearms and martial arts instructor Larry Lindenman says, “you can’t shoot a heart attack in the face,” in reference to general health and fitness.  Mr. Lindenman is correct, of course.  I hope he doesn’t mind me applying that phrase to the health of the firearms enthusiast’s…enthusiasm.  Train and practice for self defense.  But, life is short.  Buy toys.  Have fun.  Live life.


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About Warren Wilson

Warren Wilson is an experienced law enforcement officer with approximately 20 years of service, specializing patrol and tactics. He is a former SWAT team leader, writer, and firearms instructor. Warren is currently the training lieutenant for a metropolitan agency in the State of Oklahoma.