Robar to the Glock Rescue

Robar grip work, 10-8 sights and mag base pad, slide work done by Mars Armament. Axe is an RMJ Shrike

It would be safe to say that the Glock as a pistol is almost, or dare I say as big an “icon” as the 1911. Glocks are being used by law enforcement and military personnel all over the world as well as being one of the best selling pistol manufacturers in the US. A good majority of gun owners, especially those who frequent shooting courses or instruction, all seem to own at least one Glock. With its popularity comes an exploding aftermarket with an endless list of companies making parts or modifying/machining the guns themselves. Some are worthy of mention and many are hacks with a hot piece of metal deforming the frames almost to the point of failure on unsuspecting owners looking to emulate the professionals for a fraction of the cost. I personally had a Glock stippled by a friend, and while not a hack job by any means I found the texture too aggressive and didn’t quite know how remedy it without just buying another frame. This is the point where Robar comes in.

The Glock in question is the one in back

Robar Guns is not a newcomer to the custom pistol game, having already established their grip work as professional and well done. Their method of spraying epoxy onto the frame creates a very identifiable grip texture and look. They not only work on Glock but also work on HK, S&W, Kahr, 1911’s, revolvers as well. Knowing they add material I contacted Freddie Blish of Robar to see if my pistol could still receive their treatment even with a previously done stipple job. He assured me it could be done and I sent in my Glock 17 frame for not only a texture job, but a beavertail add on as well.

Within a few weeks my frame was done and back in my hands to mixed reviews. The actual grip work itself was very impressive, they completely covered the previously done stipple job and I found the grip texture very usable. It gives plenty of grip wet or dry, with or without gloves, while not being too aggressive to make concealed carry against the skin uncomfortable. The beavertail is really well done, the transition from the actual frame to their add on is not noticeable. The overall feel of the gun under recoil is much improved without having to worry about the old Glock slide bite.

I would love to say there was no negatives with the product I received but there were some minor things I was was disappointed about and feel worth mentioning. I sent my frame off with a billet trigger and Glock extended slide stop installed in the frame. Upon receiving the frame back I noticed that they had failed to remove them when coating the frame and the trigger and slide stop had signs of overspray they had tried to wipe of on them. A minor thing but noticeable on a billet trigger. I contacted Robar after the fact and was made aware it was not standard to leave in the trigger when the guns receive work and they were very sorry mine was not removed. Minor mistake but I feel worth mentioning for integrity’s sake.

A little overspray is evident on the bottom of the trigger, that is gun coat and cannot wipe off.

I am very satisfied with the work i received and the minor overspray in no way would sway me from recommending Robar to anyone for grip work, or any other gunsmithing for that matter. I have now had the pleasure in having them work on/ coat multiple guns in my safe and have been very happy with all services/ interactions I have had. For anyone who either attempted to stipple their pistol themselves or had someone else do it and are not happy with the results, I would recommend contacting Robar to see if yours can be saved.

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Joe currently serves active duty with 10 years in Special Operations with deployments to Iraq, Afghan and Pacific Theaters. His qualifications include Sniper, Breacher, Post Certified Pistol instructor, MACTAC Instructor, Range Officer, and Master Training Specialist. Joe has two years as a military small arms instructor teaching marksmanship and tactics. He actively works with southern California local SWAT units as a consultant and also shoots competitive tactical long range competitions when he has time off of work. In addition, Joe is deeply involved with the tactical long range industry actively consulting with many industry leaders.

11 thoughts on “Robar to the Glock Rescue

  1. Pretty piss-poor for them to half-ass it like that.

    We’re there any offers to fix it or make it right?

  2. yes, they were willing to fix it but as it doesn’t affect the reliability or function of the gun. I”m just living with it, I just felt it was worth including in the review

  3. I think it is great to point out the mistake, yes they are an outstanding company but they made a mistake and I wish all writers in magazines were as honest as you!!!!! bill

  4. I forgot to add that it is one of the reasons I read here daily is the no BS information.

  5. I’m not a fan of stippling (like the Gen4 texture), but with that said what ROBAR did was amazing…really like the practical info on this blog…

  6. The Hawk is a RMJ Shrike, another great tool. I will most likely review that eventually when i get some time to take some nice pics

  7. thebronze,
    Please allow me to provide some more detail.

    Joe contacted me upon receiving his Glock about the overspray on the trigger. Which is not possible because we coat the frames after texturing and before reassembly. It was not indentified during the QC, which involves three gunsmiths – the one that assembles the firearm and two additional gunsmiths to check that person’s work. We are still not sure how it occurred. This is the first time in my 2+ years as GM at ROBAR that this has occurred. Regardless, I immediately told Joe to return it and we would clean up the trigger. As it was cosmetic, Joe said he didn’t want to do that, but just wanted to make us aware of it. Which we appreciate.

    We discussed him mentioning it in his review and I agreed that he should because integrity is essential, both because of our shared background as well as what we do now. We are human and will make mistakes, we do our best not to or if we do catch them before it leaves here, but if a firearm does leave here that is not up the quality that is expected of ROBAR we will endeavor to correct it.

  8. As Freddie mentioned they were very sorry and offered to fix it. I’m not one to worry much about cosmetics as long as it functions, especially on a Glock. Again as said in my review I felt it needed mentioning but did not in any way change the fact that I was happy with what I received and would recommend Robar to people with a clear conscience. If you are in the industry long enough even the best companies send out something that isn’t quite right, its how they handle those mistakes that makes a good company. Nobody is perfect, that company does not exist so the fluff articles about every gun out there in most magazines are exactly that, fluff.

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