The Modified Glock

Glocks tend to run great out of the box.  They are reliable, and accurate.  I have a friend who shoots a lot of 3 gun and IDPA with a completely stock Glock 17 with the plastic sights, and does it well.  Some folks like to simply change out of the plastic “filler” sights that come stock, for aftermarket sights such as 10-8′s.

I like my Glocks a bit more modified.  Above is a brand new Gen4 G19 that is a recent acquisition.  The gun shot great out of the box, but there are changes that I like to make for my own benefit. Continue reading

1911 Maintenance: The Plunger Tube

One of the potential weak points on a 1911 pistol is the plunger tube. Shortfalls in either materials or workmanship (usually workmanship) can lead to the plunger tube becoming loose in the frame, or even completely falling out of the frame. The latter tends not to happen, since the grip panel will usually hold it in place.   Continue reading

The Cold Weather AR.

When the mercury drops into the single digits and stays there, things you don’t normally see freeze will freeze.  Fortunately for most of the United States, this is a rare occurrence, though this season seems to be the exception.  For extreme cold conditions, we have to take special precautions to ensure that our equipment functions.  Our friends in the Northern US, or elevation in  the mountain regions simply call this “Tuesday-another day at the office”. Continue reading

First Look- GrayGuns P-Series Internal Extractor

For many years, the internal extractors in later model SIG P-Series pistols have been somewhat problematic.  The problems have been largely hit and miss, but were evident in some of the X5 pistols, as well as the P220 and others fielding the internal design.  SIG eventually switched out to the short external extractor, and currently to a long external extractor.

My mentor, Bruce Gray at GrayGuns, INC has been working on the problem for several years and has finally come up with a “fix” for the reliability issues with the internal extractor guns.  As can be observed in the video, the new extractor cleans up ejection and extraction, making it consistent and reliable.  The process involves fitting the new extractor to the individual pistol and tuning it for reliability.  The turn around time is about 10 days, and the cost for the modification is $200.

More information can be found at

How I Learned to Love Cleaning AR Barrels…

Ok, I didn’t really learn how to love cleaning AR barrels, but I have learned a few tricks to make it less painful.  The two biggest helpers are the above pictured C.J. Weapon Accessories chamber swabs and the .22 bore snake from Hoppes.  With the help of these two items, much time is saved during cleaning, and I am able to complete routine maintenance in about 10-15 minutes. Continue reading

COLT M45 1911 Dual Recoil Spring Test Part 1

Springfield 1911/Colt M45 Dual Recoil Spring Assembly

A short time ago Hilton contacted me about evaluating the Colt M45 1911 Dual Recoil Spring Assembly. As you may know from earlier articles, Colt developed the Dual Recoil Spring assembly for use in the M45 at the request of the Marine Corps. The system is designed to prolong spring life between changes and increase the round count between them.

Continue reading

An Interesting Recoil Spring Failure

We were on the range the other day doing some T&E work, and my partner was shooting his HK 416 from prone from 50 yards.  I decided to be a smarty, and stepped up on the line beside him, and shot his target with my M&P .40.  I was trying to hit where he was attempting to shoot a group at in an attempt to mess with him.   Continue reading

Customizing Your Pistol – Now or Later?

A few weeks back, I briefly profiled the above pistol, my personal M&P VTAC model with a few mods.  I trained with it extensively for a few weeks with only the mods listed in the first article – 10-8 replacement rear sight, 10-8 base pads, and new Apex internals with a trigger job.  A nice setup for sure, but a fairly simple set of mods that any user could really just drop in with minimal fuss or affect to the major operating characteristics of the gun.  Discussion amongst some industry associates in the ensuing weeks got me to pondering what new and intermediate shooters should be looking to do with their polymer pistols. Continue reading

M&P Slide Stops: New production changes

New production M&P slide stop, with welded pads for structural reinforcement and tactile reset.

One of the main areas of complaint with the M&P has been with the lack of Glock like tactile reset.  As documented in one of my previous posts, the mid 2013 production guns started to have what I now refer to as a Gen2 slide stop with a stamped flange on the right side to push the trigger bar during reset.  The Gen2 slide stop was a big leap forward, and in conjunction with the new machined sear, created a trigger pull that pretty much eliminated any complaints that could be had about the M&P trigger.   Continue reading

Viking Tactics Rand CLP 08/14/13 Update

My Centurion Arms 12.5″ Lightweight build was cleaned and lubricated with Rand CLP in an earlier update, and has fared uneventfully for about 500 rounds.  As you can see in the above pic, a bit of it has burned off the vents in the bolt carrier group.  I’ll be shooting the Frank Proctor (Way of the Gun) Performance Carbine course tomorrow, which is projected to be approximately 800 rounds.  I like to run my carbines fairly wet, so I threw a few extra drops of the Rand CLP on the bolt carrier group and we’ll see how it goes.  Stay tuned for a review of the class as well as another update on the CLP.

Viking Tactics Rand CLP Update 08/04/13

A few weeks back I started using Viking Tactics Rand CLP, and I have now incorporated it into all of my weapons maintenance routines.  It has served well as a cleaner and lubricant, but I have yet to do much to test its corrosion inhibition qualities.  One of the standout things I have noticed is that the Rand CLP does a great job smoothing up trigger mechanisms.  The difference when applied is noticeable. Continue reading

REVIEW: Multitasker Series 3 M4 Multitool

The Multitasker Series multitool is one of the most popular firearm oriented multitools on the market, and for good reason. It is the Swiss Army Knife of multitools and contains nearly everything you need to maintain most common modern weapon systems used today. Hilton and I have been using the Series 2 tool for quite a bit, and found that it is not only handy on M4s, it is a great tool for performing many maintenance tasks on Glocks, M&Ps and even 1911s. Not long ago, the Series 3 tool was released, which incorporates a few features the designer felt was missing from earlier generations.

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Viking Tactics Rand CLP, First Impressions

2oz bottle and handy “Rip and Drip” pouches for your range bag. One pouch is enough for 1-2 firearms.

During a call the other day from my friend Kyle Lamb, I mentioned that I saw the press release on his new lubricant.  Kyle went on to describe his initial skepticism of the product, and how it went on to really surprise him with its excellent performance.  He promptly arranged to have a few samples sent to me, and here we are.  Continue reading

Wilson’s Tactical Elite: Now and Back In The Day

With permission of WC, here’s what a Tactical Elite looks like now in its basic configuration.

Meet the Wilson Combat (WC) Tactical Elite (TE), a really nice full size 1911 with a unique flanged cone barrel.  The claim of softer recoil and faster shot-to shot-recovery (due to almost two ounces additional weight) is not a false boast.  I base this on the comments of friends who have shot my TE, and from personal experience.  There are a couple of pistols in WC’s expansive current offerings I now might like better, but that in no way diminishes this rather unusual iteration of the 1911.

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