The 10-8 Glock Magazine Base Pad

I am very proud to introduce the new 10-8 Performance Glock magazine base pad!  This has been a very long process of design and testing, and we are very excited to finally launch these.

The new pads are injection molded from glass reinforced nylon, and they are extremely tough and resistant to impact. Our pads fit and install the same as the factory pads, use the factory retainer plate, and no extra parts are required.

The 10-8 pad is slightly thicker than the factory pad, and features angled sides and front to allow for easy stripping of stuck magazines. The pads also feature a grooved front and scalloped sides for positive grip during manipulations. The bottom of the pad features our usual dimples for marking your magazines.

They are available in any color you like, as long as it is black. These pads are extremely lightweight at only .24 oz.

The pads fit Glock magazines for 9mm, .40 S&W, .357 Sig, .45 GAP. NOT compatible with early production non metal lined (Gen1) Glock magazines. Continue reading

The Modified Glock

Glocks tend to run great out of the box.  They are reliable, and accurate.  I have a friend who shoots a lot of 3 gun and IDPA with a completely stock Glock 17 with the plastic sights, and does it well.  Some folks like to simply change out of the plastic “filler” sights that come stock, for aftermarket sights such as 10-8′s.

I like my Glocks a bit more modified.  Above is a brand new Gen4 G19 that is a recent acquisition.  The gun shot great out of the box, but there are changes that I like to make for my own benefit. Continue reading

Wilson Combat to Host Ernest Langdon in TX

Wilson Combat to host Ernest Langdon for Beretta 92 class in Texas. Image from Wilson Combat.

On the heels of the announcement of the collaboration between Wilson Combat and Beretta guru Ernest Langdon, Wilson Combat has just announced they will be hosting Ernest for a “How to Run a Beretta Handgun” Course at the Wilson Ranch in Cuthand, Texas. Die hard Beretta aficionados will immediately recognize Ernest as the industry’s most knowledgeable instructor on running and modifying the Beretta handgun. A prior member for the Beretta shooting team, Ernest’s competition career has earned him countless national IDPA and USPSA titles with a double action pistol. He also has extensive military experience as an end user and instructor.

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First Look: 10-8 Performance Glock Base Pad

Ever since the introduction of our extremely popular M&P base pads, customers have been clamoring for the same design concept to be brought to the Glock.  These new pads will be injection molded from glass reinforced nylon, and they are super tough and resistant to impact.  Our pads fit and install the same as the factory pads, use the factory retainer plate, and no extra parts are required. Continue reading

The Sig P226: The Unrecognized Workhorse

The Sig P226 coated in Robar Guns’ NP3, an excellent finish for lubricity and corrosion resistance.

In keeping with our recent series, we’ve been looking at various commonly issued practical service weapons that don’t get a whole lot of love. The Sig P226 certainly falls into that category. Most of us who have been around for a while know this pistol very well, but it seems the new generation of shooters don’t give this pistol much love. Originally designed to compete with the Beretta 92 to replace the M1911A1 pistols, the P226 has been adopted by countless domestic law enforcement agencies and has also been in use by the US Navy SEAL Teams since the 1980s. The P226 also saw service in the FBI, DHS,  and served as an interim weapon to replace the Browning Hi Power. Many of the design features came from the P220 and P225. A double column magazine holds 15 rounds of 9mm ammunition. In its decades of service, P226 has developed a reputation of being a reliable and robust pistol.

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Glock vs. M&P revisited

A couple years ago, I wrote an article titled “Glock vs. M&P…or Why I Shoot An M&P.”  At the time that I wrote the article, the Gen4 Glock was still in an early phase of adoption and had some function issues, and the M&P had not yet begun what is now the most current round of production upgrades. Since no one seems to read the linked articles, I’ll sum it up for you right here: I opted to work around the issues of the M&P, using that as my primary training gun – M&P fans cheered, Glock fans burned me in effigy. I thought it would be worthwhile to revisit this now that the state of both pistols has changed quite a bit in the last couple years.  Continue reading

Beretta 92FS: The Forgotten Service Pistol


A couple weeks ago, our friends over at the blog wrote about The Underrated Beretta 92, which prompted me to look back at my own experiences with the platform. Where I work, officers can choose to carry a personal sidearm as long as they can qualify with the pistol and that the handgun itself meets some basic parameters. However, the default issue pistol is still the Beretta Model 92FS, and most of our sworn personnel carry it since it is provided by the agency. So we on the range staff have quite a bit of experience with the pistol; as a result, I’ve formed a few opinions on its attributes and performance characteristics. Continue reading

HK VP70: First in Polymer

The Glock 17 is commonly considered the first striker fired polymer service pistol, but the reality is that HK beat Glock to it by about a dozen years.  The HK VP70 represents an interesting milestone in service pistol history, and a bout of ’80′s nostalgia all but demanded that I hunt one down for the reference collection. Continue reading

The Browning Hi Power: Yesterday’s 9mm Service Pistol

Known as the most evolved of John Moses Browning’s pistol designs, the Browning Hi Power is one of the most beloved semi-automatic pistols ever. And why shouldn’t it be? It was designed by the single most influential firearms designer in history, features a double-stack high-ish) capacity magazine, a grip suitable for small hands, and is chambered for the most popular service pistol cartridge in the world.

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I previously noted in an MSW post the return of The Police Marksman.  You can read/download the latest issue, eBook style here.  In addition to the long running “Officer Down” column (the John Schoen incident), the current issue has articles on the XDM 5.25, shooting competition, use of extended magazines, and learning the mechanical offset of lasers.  Every issue contains good stuff for LEOs; the subscription price cannot be beat, so there is no $$$ excuse for not reading.


Embracing the Glock 22


Not long ago, this article could easily have been titled “Glock .40.  No.”  For most of the gun buying public, I would still say that buying any handgun in .40 is a wasted effort.  With the advances in 9mm JHP cartridges, the 9 gives up an inconsequential amount over the .40 in terms of performance.  For just plain shooting, you will be hard pressed to find .40 FMJ for as low a price as 9mm FMJ.  Add the additional recoil and wear on the gun, and the .40 is left as a rather distant second to the 9mm.  So why is my latest training gun a .40?  Well why not….. Continue reading

Safariland QLS Hits The Two Year Mark- Review

A couple of years ago, I really wanted to get my holster away from my body a bit more, particularly when wearing a heavy winter coat.  I found that a lot of times, my front sight would snag on the coat pocket on the way up.

So, I did my research and chose to go with the Safariland Quick Locking System versus a simple stand off.  At the time, I didn’t realize how beneficial that would be.

I do not have a take home car due to not living in the county that I work, so I have a 10 minute commute to work each day.  When I purchased my new Toyota 4Runner, I noticed that the holster was wearing on the leather.  So, I started taking the holster and pistol off when in my own vehicle.  Thus it has saved on the wear and tear on the leather.  Extra added bonus, to say the least.

Some of my coworkers have been hesitant about the connection systems, but I have had zero problems from it.  One of the neat features is that you can have multiple attach points and use the same holster in many functions, IE a belt attachment, a drop leg attachment, etc.

I have found this piece of gear to be very durable.  The locking mechanism is as strong two years later, as it was the first day I attached it to this holster.  I’ve encountered zero problems with it, and have nothing but praise for the system in the context I use it.

Check it out at

My Personal Path Away From The 1911

It has been noted more than once that lately there seem to have been many MSW articles recommending against the use of the 1911 as a service pistol.  This is not really a new trend, and even since the days of the 10-8 Forums we have always cautioned folks that the 1911 is not for the casual user.

Starting with IPSC back in the 80′s, I traveled a long road of being a devoted user of the 1911 in both competition and duty applications, a builder of custom 1911s, and a designer of 1911 components.  The last 15 years or so had seen the 1911 absolutely dominate my existence, and everything I did seemed to revolve around the gun.  With all this devotion to the 1911, it is even more telling then why I went away from it.

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Sight Selection: Mixing and Matching

One of the most common questions we see in the 10-8 Performance office is the compatibility of one brand of sight with another.  It is great that the market is filled with so many excellent options that shooters can pick from, but not all the brands are able to play together.  So how do you go about mixing and matching different brands of sights? Continue reading