Emerson CQC7 and CQC8 showing their wear from use, as they should.

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  1. Great American knives!!!! I collect Emerson’s and Striders the best American knives out there. You can talk and exchange e mails with the owners. My favorite Emerson is the Commander. I have a couple Emerson 8’s they are sleek fighting knives!! I also have a few special addition Commanders. Love the wave. You can deploy the Emerson faster than an automatic knive. The wave is awesome!!!!
    Great picture!!!!
    The wave actually was not made to open the knife.
    From what I hears is that some SF dudes noticed the knife would open when they pulled the knife out of there pocket. The wave was made as a guard if something was to slide down the blade it would get hooked up on the wave.
    Emerson has some great knife training videos too.
    I always have an Emerson and a Strider on me with my weapon.

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