Radical Firearms Blue Line AR15

The AR15 is not a new magical weapon platform.  Though the industry may want you to think there have been huge improvements and groundbreaking advancements every year at SHOT, that is simply not the case. Aside from fancy materials and making the magazine release or slide stop accessible from 12 new locations, nothing really new is happening.

About anyone can assemble one in their garage is about an hour with some basic tools.

The equation has long been figured out when it comes to the gas system length, gas port size, and buffer weight necessary for a reliable gun with very low felt recoil. While new muzzle brakes seem to come out every few months with a new look, companies are still just burrowing port angles from others or muzzle brake types seen on old Russian AK’s (or more obscure weapons). Continue reading

Improving Target to Target Transition Speed: The Circle Madness Target

One of the lessons Hilton and I learned this year after the Pro Am match was the importance of practicing target to target transitions. This year’s match had quite a few stages in which shooters were forced to transition between targets of varying difficulty. The tendency is to engage a target too fast after engaging an easy (large or close range) target, or take too much time on a close range target after making a more technical shot. Continue reading