Review: MagPul iPhone 5 Field Case

MagPul’s iPhone Field Case offers a good compromise between functionality, protection, and a low profile. Here it is shown above in Foliage Green.

The smart phone has become as much of an important part of everyone’s “everyday carry” as car keys, flashlight, folding knife, and handgun. While MagPul has established itself as a household name in the tactical market, MagPul’s iPhone cases have even become a favorite of mainstream iPhone users that have no knowledge of MagPul’s “tactical” products. This is simply because it’s a great case.

One of my complaints about most of the “hard use” iPhone cases on the market is that they make the otherwise sleek iPhone into a bulky, heavy mess. Protective plastic screen covers detract from the attractive, high resolution display the iPhone is known for. For those who need extreme protection against dust and immersion in liquid, look to the LifeProof Case. For those who want good protection against everyday bumps, bruises and drops, the MagPul’s iPhone 5 Field Case is a great choice. Continue reading