Quick Review: Apex Polymer AEK Trigger

Some months back, I had posted a sneak peek of a prototype of the Apex Tactical Polymer AEK (Action Enhancement Kit) Trigger.  I finally got around to putting one of the production units in my primary M&P, so here we are.  This trigger variant is a more affordable molded version of the already popular machined aluminum AEK trigger from Apex.  I’d been running one of those prototypes in a different gun for about a year, with positive results.   Continue reading

Apex Glock Extractor

My new Gen4 Glock 19 has really brought back my interest in Glocks, but the ejection pattern was typical of many Gen4 Glocks in that it was a bit erratic.  Empties would eject in a wide swath, including rounds grazing my cheek or going over the top of my head.  While it had not yielded any failures to extract or eject, I knew from the pattern that it was already operating at a suboptimal level, even new out of the box.  Added round count would only serve to decrease the performance.   Continue reading

Apex Tactical Glock Extractor

For thirty years, Glock 9mm handguns have been nearly synonymous with reliability, but recently, many Glock owners have been suffering from erratic and sometimes failed ejection with their Glock 9mm pistols. Numerous theories populate the various Internet gun forums, but so far there has been no definitive answer from Glock as to the cause, or a solution. Glock Customer Service responses range from total denial, instructions to send the gun in for repair, or sending out replacement parts to local armorers.

It seems the erratic ejection issues appeared somewhere around the “M” serial number prefix in the Gen 3 9mm pistols, and possibly affect all Gen 4 9mm guns.

One popular “fix” is to obtain the latest Gen 4 9mm ejector (Part Number 30274), which for most people, seems to make ejection a little more consistent but doesn’t always solve the problem. Others recommend the HRED extractor plunger assembly by White Sound Defense, but this product did nothing for me.

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