CompTac Holsters – 2 o’clock for M&P Shield

The CompTac Model 2 o’clock for the M&P Shield with J-hook belt loops

Over the past several months I have been putting the M&P Shield in 9mm through its paces on the range, and while it is not quite as shootable as a Glock 19, it is capable of good accuracy out to 25 yards, and the stock trigger is pretty workable. It’s not as fast or easy to shoot as the G19, and you lose half the capacity. However, in return for that sacrifice in shootability and firepower, you do get a concealable little pistol that you can carry in environments or clothing that may not conceal a bigger pistol. Yes, ideally I recommend dressing around gun carry, but sometimes that isn’t an option.

A while back I ordered a CompTac 2 o’clock, a low profile kydex holster designed to be carried in the waistband at (big surprise) the 2 o-clock position for right handers. Now I am not a huge fan of AIWB carry, not for any tactical reasons; I just don’t find it particularly comfortable. But it is hard to argue the method of carry as it conceals well and is very fast to deploy. Anyway, along with making great holsters, CompTac has their production system streamlined. This holster is made to order, and was delivered within a week and a half from the time I hit the SUBMIT button.

The CompTac rig is extremely well built, with clean mold lines and excellent fit. The 2 o’clock can be had with your choice of belt loop configurations: either a tuckable J-hook or standard belt loop. This setup disappears when tucked into a pair of board shorts and thrown under a t-shirt. It deploys fast and stays put as long as you wear a belt. The price is reasonable, and first responders get a generous discount.


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6 thoughts on “CompTac Holsters – 2 o’clock for M&P Shield

  1. Regarding the G19 vis a vis the Shield:
    My significant other, while basically a 1911 shooter, has a G19, and can certainly handle it: she won a 44-shooter IDPA match overall with hers once. Actually, more than once.
    But she’s tallish and on the narrow side of build and there’s no place she can find anywhere on her person to secrete a 19.
    I could probably never survive appendix carry- she’s a chef, too, and I eat well- but she pretty much only goes with a Shield, and only in the appendix carry. She uses a Can Can Concealment feminine belly band and it works.
    The Shield is the only micro she’ll shoot voluntarily (besides a Sig 938) because the trigger works for her coming off her competition 1911s.
    So, it was a teaching moment for me, seeing appendix carry working.

  2. In theory, I like the idea of appendix carry, but I’ve never found a set up that was comfortable to carry all day. If I get my hands on an M&P Shield perhaps I’ll give it another try.

  3. A Shield has been my EDC for the past year.

    Let me strongly recommend the Apex Shield Carry kit. Both of mine equipped with one, along with Novak sights.

    • Does yours have the new trigger? I really want to give it a shot.

  4. Hi, do you have a comparison to the Bodyguard 380? I’m in need of a deep concealment pistol and the BG380 may suit this role better. I respect your opinions, any views?

  5. My opinion… Except for a quality paddle, I’m through with clip/ hook/ type holsters. If it doesn’t have positive retention to me (belt loops) I will not consider it. My rationale and experience

    being (for the comp tac) it only has about 2/3 of an inch to grab onto the underside of my belt, meaning 2/3 of an inch of vertical movement and the holster no longer has retention.
    As far as the crossbreed I gave away, it was too easy to either lean against something/ a wall/ bench/ rail/ center console and either have the holster ride up and become undone (or) the exposed muzzle would bump out of the holster and fall out.
    Factor in a possible fight/ chase/ uof incident/ etc. and positive retention of the gun to the holster AND the holster to the garment is a literal matter of life or death! Every new piece of gear gets put through its paces before being placed into on/ off duty service.

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