Borka Tool Kit/ Torque Wrench

The Contents of the Borka MG17

While not nearly as sexy as a new rifle, pistol, optic, or other fancy accessory, tools are a very necessary part of any shooting sport. This is especially true of sports requiring scopes and all the mounting options that accompany them. Usually along with any number of required items that I dump into my bag for the day, is a good tool kit which has a tendency to be much bigger then it probably needs to be.

While at the Snipershide Cup this year I happened upon a fellow shooter working out of a small multi-cam nylon bag with a compact torque wrench tightening some scope rings. Upon further inspection and some casual conversation I came to find out it was a Borka Tool mg17 tool kit. For around 150 dollars you get a ratchet, torque wrench, all associated bits and screw heads you could possibly need as well as some other misc tools that make for a very complete and compact tool kit. I won’t say it will cover EVERY POSSIBLE calamity you may come across on the firing line but it is one very nice kit, that accomplishes a lot in a very small package. Definitely a recommended item to add to anyone’s range bag.

For more information you can contact:

Mile High Shooting:

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