Photo of the Day: The New 10-8 Performance Glock Base Pad

Prototype 10-8 Performance Base Pad on a Glock FDE Gen 4 Model 19. Production versions will be black.

It probably comes at no surprise that I’ve been using 10-8 Performance Base Pads on my 1911 and M&P magazines for quite some time now, and have grown accustomed to the included features, including dimples for marking the magazines, scalloped sides and serrated or scooped front to aid in removing stuck magazines. All these features are built into the new Glock base pads while maintaining a low profile shape that conforms to the pistol grip. Installation is simple and uses the factory retainer plate. The new Glock base pads are molded and should come in at a very affordable price point of about $4 each. I’ve been running two prototypes for the better part of a year, and have been very happy with the design and durability of the pad. The pictured base pad above is molded OD green, but production versions will be black. Go to the website and sign up for the newsletter for updates as to availability. ¬†Hilton advises that the current production updates put these about 2-3 weeks out.

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2 thoughts on “Photo of the Day: The New 10-8 Performance Glock Base Pad

  1. Look very interesting. A few questions:

    1) will they be compatible with some of the mag wells, such as the Sentinel?

    2) after getting the tight factory base plate off, will these easily remove for cleaning the magazine, such as when dropping the mag into dirt on the range?

    • Yes, the 10-8 pads work with the Sentinel mag well. Disassembly is the same as with stock pads.

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