MagPul Announces Next Generation PMAG

For the better part of the last decade, MagPul Industries has redefined how we think of polymer magazines for the AR15 platform. Their PMAG has set a new standard for reliability and durability, and in many ways surpasses the aluminum GI magazine.

Recently, MagPul announced they will be releasing their latest GEN M3 PMAG. According to MagPul, the GEN M3 PMAG features the following improvements:

  • Improved materials and geometry resulting in strength improvements in all areas
  • Improved polymer material allows for narrower body. Drops free in a wider variety of platforms without sacrificing strength
  • Enhanced overinsertion stops in front and rear of the magazine, compatible with a wide variety of weapon platforms
  • Improved follower design to enhance reliability
  • Texture on front and rear spine of magazine
  • Upgraded bolt catch and magazine catch notch for improved strength and compatibility with FN SCAR 16
  • Slim base plate
  • Dot matrix pattern for magazine marking

I’m looking forward to grabbing a few of these for testing, though my existing PMAGs and GI magazines work well enough that I can’t see myself replacing what I already have. But if the GEN M3 PMAG is everything MagPul says it is, I can see myself grabbing a couple dozen to add to the pile.

44MAG.COM will be stocking these as soon as they become available. Check them out. They offer competitive pricing, fast shipping, and outstanding customer service.

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