First Look- GrayGuns P-Series Internal Extractor

For many years, the internal extractors in later model SIG P-Series pistols have been somewhat problematic.  The problems have been largely hit and miss, but were evident in some of the X5 pistols, as well as the P220 and others fielding the internal design.  SIG eventually switched out to the short external extractor, and currently to a long external extractor.

My mentor, Bruce Gray at GrayGuns, INC has been working on the problem for several years and has finally come up with a “fix” for the reliability issues with the internal extractor guns.  As can be observed in the video, the new extractor cleans up ejection and extraction, making it consistent and reliable.  The process involves fitting the new extractor to the individual pistol and tuning it for reliability.  The turn around time is about 10 days, and the cost for the modification is $200.

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One thought on “First Look- GrayGuns P-Series Internal Extractor

  1. Interesting Jerry!

    Having worn out several 226s at work (yes, unlimited ammo allows for such) and owning more than my fair share of P models, I can say, I have never had an extraction issue. But, then my eyes can’t see fast enough, or in slo-mo, to discern what is exhibited in the video.

    Good stuff! Thanks!

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