Let’s see what we have (embedded hot links for the curious): 

·        Smith & Wesson stainless “no-lock” L frame revolver, Model 686-4 (Distinguished Combat Magnum Plus, 7-shot round butt) in the 2.5 inch variation, circa 1996, one of the last with a hammer mounted firing pin

·         Ammunition by Buffalo Bore, “Tactical Short Barrel Lower Recoil Low Flash” 158 gr. .357 Magnum JHP (other loadings available), brass by Starline, velocity > 1,000 fps

·         Craig Spegel checkered extended boot grips

·      ·  Lobo Gun Leather “Enhanced Pancake” holster, nice design, appearance, and fit, maker delivers reasonable price and turnaround time

      Quality made in the U.S.A. products, making a highly concealable, versatile, capable, and reliable carry package.  A carry package not commonly seen, but quite a serious contender and still formidable in 2013.

      [Also pictured, not made in the U.S.A.:   Quickstrip™ reload strip (8-shot, loaded to 6) by Tuff Products  (maker/vendor of nifty, well thought-out specialty items)]

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Steve Harris is an experienced attorney (member of Florida Bar, 1979) who has represented federal agents and local LEOs in duty related matters. He has written and lectured about officer involved shootings, self-defense, and use of force law, including "Stand Your Ground." Steve has been a seasoned and active competitive handgun shooter for over 20 years.


  1. How are the grips with harder recoiling ammunition? I have been thinking about order some for both my 2 3/4″ Lou Horton 629 and my 686 SSR based on looks alone.

    • Definitely need the extended version and the checkering. Purchase is good with medium to large hands and full house .357 loads, but there is no impulse buffering like rubber might provide. Larger hands may need a bit more size. Grip feel is like the combat rubber grips (Uncle Mike’s ?) that come on the current Model 686, 3-inch. I like Ahrends grips too, but on this revolver the Spegel’s feel better especially in providing good natural aim.

  2. I am not sure if they make them for this particular model, however I have found the Hogue rubber grips to work very well. I have a Taurus Model 66 and they feel great on it. I have quite large hands and between the palm swell and the finger grooves the fit feels very good. Just another option if those grips are not working for you.

    • I think the grips you refer to are full sized and convert the round butt to square, resulting in reduction of concealment. I have found soft rubber grips sometimes snag or slow clearing the cover garment.

  3. GORGEOUS wheel-gun! I love my S&W627, and I NEED a 4-inch 686Plus to add to the stable!

  4. Lobo is one of the few places you can get leather for a large frame snub. I have 2 of his holsters and they are a great value. Makes my snub 686 disappear on the days I want to wheelgun it. Ray is a great guy to deal with.

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