The 72 Drill

After upgrading my Springfield Black Stainless 1911, I decided to conduct the 10-8 Extractor Test while turning the test session into a drill. With the ammo situation being what it is, making every shot count is important. To get more out of the test as a drill I shot 2 – 8 round magazines 1 handed and 2 – 8 round magazines 2 handed. This totaled 32 rounds rather than the 16 of the standard test procedure. Each round was loaded and the magazine removed and the pistol holstered. The pistol was drawn and fired in the required manner to test extractor function, which it passed.

Springfield Black Stainless 1911- Alessi DOJ Open Port Holster- Mitch Rosen 5DM

To continue the testing, I loaded 1 round into each of 10 Chip McCormick magazines. This was to test the magazines function and slide lock back, and to ensure that the extractor would not drag an empty case into the feed lips of the magazine as well. The pistol was loaded and holstered drawn and fired. Perform a slide lock reload and continue through the magazines. This was repeated 4 times for a total of 40 rounds. The pistol and magazines passed this test as well.

With this drill you get 72 shots with 72 draws and 72 reloads, 40 of them slide lock and 32 slide forward. You also get the 10-8 Extractor Test x 2.

I conducted the test at 10 yards without a timer as I was focusing on the pistols function. Try it out and let me know what you think.



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One thought on “The 72 Drill

  1. Typically I dont do the extractor test with an empty magazine. If extractor function is sub optimal and the empty case is dragged into the feed lips, the magazine will be destroyed.

    FYI, the extractor test was not invented by us. While many have referred to it as the “10-8” extractor test, it has been existence for a long time.

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