REVIEW: TangoDown Glock Gen4 Magazine Catch

TangoDown magazine catch for Gen4 Glocks. Inset: factory Glock mag catch for comparison.

Glocks are pretty much ready to go right out of the box, especially if you opted for a set of steel sights. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t improve on “Perfection.” After a set of 10-8 sights, one of my favorite modifications has been the Vickers Tactical magazine catch produced by TangoDown. They are available for the small and large frame guns, and are available for all generations of Glock pistols.

Looking at the Gen4 factory magazine catch, there is a pronounced sweet spot near the front of the magazine catch button, much like the Gen3 factory catches. The Gen4 magazine catch is wider, and not too hard to release, but there is room for some improvement. The Vickers/TangoDown catch widens the sweet spot and the serrations are placed near the rear of the catch to reduce the reach distance for the shooter’s thumb. The catch itself is made of the same robust material as the factory catch; no cheap, soft plastic here. A flat blade screwdriver and five minutes is all you’ll need to remove the old catch and install the new one.

Will this one accessory turn you into a ghetto gunfighter? No. But it may add a few percentage points to the consistency of your reloads (as it did mine), and in this game, I’ll take every point I can get.

SOURCE: TangoDown

PS. The catch is now available in the Glock factory black or tan/FDE color.

11 thoughts on “REVIEW: TangoDown Glock Gen4 Magazine Catch

  1. Great piece as I have on all my Glocks also, as you said add REAL sites and a little polishing to the insides and it is great. thanks for the article……………bill

  2. Not that this is your focus here at MSW, but it seems this would not be legal for IDPA SSP?

  3. These are great! Installed one for a customer and been in love ever since. Must have for Gen 4. I’d like the see the Gen 3 style made more like the Gen 4. I recommend these to all Gen 4 owners now. Several happy customers.

  4. mine had no problem dropping 9mil mags but the .22 mags for my advantage arms kit absolutely would not drop free. i could pull them out with a finger mid reload, but i could not wrist flick them out. i had to go all freddy krueger on the thing with a razor blade. now i have to beat the hell out of it with 9mil to make sure i didnt compromise the reliability. it has smoothed out my reloads a touch though.

  5. Oh boy! I NEED one of these for my Gen 3 G19!
    I’m left-handed and work the mag release with my trigger finger. When I press the mag release button, my finger catches it on the forward corner. The angle of force puts the mag release bar in a bind and it sometimes doesn’t function correctly if it’s dirty or gritty.

    I used a file (I remember the post about Dremels) to bevel the leading edge of the button, but I’d love, (love, I tell you!) a button with a similar profile!

  6. Mine are used in gen 2 G17’s and soon to be installed in G30s’s.

  7. And now you might want to switch out that fancy, nickle-plated serrated trigger for a smooth one…

    Best, Jon

  8. Tim,

    I agree with your assessment. I think that (in addition to after-market night sights) the only things needed on Glocks are the Vickers mag release (for either Gen 3 or Gen 4) and a Vickers slide stop.

    It makes me wonder why these two pieces aren’t standard on EVERY Glock. Because they SHOULD be.

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