Robar/10-8/MSW Glock 17 After 2000 + Rounds

This 4th and final installment of the Robar Glock review will focus on the overall modifications and how they effect the performance of the pistol. For those who are looking for a “I ran it over with my 4×4 and then tossed it out of a helicopter review” you will be disappointed. However the pistol is a working gun and is not a “Safe Queen”.

Since receiving my Robar modified Glock almost three months ago, I have carried it everyday, taught 6 classes with it, which included demonstration drills, shot 2 IDPA matches and shot it during several training sessions and allowed several students to fire it as well. During that time the pistol has fired over 2000 rounds, of which over 1500 have been reloaded ammunition.

As reported in a previous installment in this series, this testing has been without the benefit of lubrication. The only “cleaning” the pistol has had was after 500 rounds, and consisted of wiping it with a dry paper towel and brushing it with a dry brush. I did break down and wipe a small amount of baked on carbon with a patch and a very small amount of solvent on a brush. Quite frankly the pistol didn’t need it, but I did as old habits die hard. The pistol is still being run bone dry. The pistol has had zero malfunctions of any kind. I attribute this to both the NP3 and PolyT2 finishes as well as the APEX Failure Resistant Extractor. The NP3 and PolyT2 finishes contain Teflon which makes them both very slick. Lubricity is enhanced, making the gun more tolerant to harsh environments. While I recommend light lubrication, being able to run the gun dry or with a very light coat of lube can be valuable in some environments. Another benefit is that both finishes wear like iron. With approximately 800 holster presentations, the slide shows no external wear whatsoever.

Extraction and ejection have been 100% and consistent thanks to the APEX Failure Resistant Extractor, unlike some recent Glock extractors the APEX units work. The ejector is a stock Glock 336.

The 10-8 Sights POI/POA are spot on for me, allow a fast accurate sight picture and are rugged beyond belief. Most sights are machined from fairly soft stock; 10-8 sights are machined from pre-hardened steel to better resist deformation from the rigors of duty use. In my experience 10-8 sights are the only choice for a defensive pistol sight system.

10-8 Tritium Front Sight & 10-8 .156 Rear Sight

The frame modifications really make the pistol fit my hand and have enhanced the pistol’s shoot ability. The high cut trigger guard makes the pistol sit lower in the hand which decreases felt recoil and muzzle rise. The extended beavertail spreads the recoil in the web of the hand and protects the hand if you experience slide bite. The grip texturing really makes the pistol stick in the hand and the Tri-Fit backstrap allows the shooter to customize the grip angle to suit them. These modifications customized the fit of the pistol to me and are well worth having them done. While it may seem like a small improvement, these modifications can decrease split times and increase your accuracy as well as comfort. Being able to choose which modifications best suit your needs is an advantage as well. You truly have to experience the difference Robar’s modifications make to appreciate them. I have allowed several students to shoot and compare my Robar Glock to a Stock Glock and all of them have commented on the difference the modifications make to the pistol.

Pistol and Carry Gear “Perfection” Robar/10-8/MSW Glock- Alessi DOJ-s Holster- Mitch Rosen SOS- Surefire 6P

The gun carries well and is comfortable for all day wear. While this is more a factor of your carry gear, I have seen many pistols that were quite sharp edged and abrasive to the wearer due to user modifications. The grip texturing provides a secure non slip grip, but does not abrade the wearer or clothing. I have not noticed any tendency for clothing to stick to the texturing or Tri-Fit Backstrap, that you would not experience with an unmodified Glock.

After using the pistol extensively I have found no drawbacks to the modifications. While a stock Glock is certainly a formidable combat pistol, the modifications Robar performed have brought my pistol to a new level. As I said before, you truly need to experience the difference these modifications make to your pistol to believe them. I have added a Vickers Extended Slide Stop and a Glock Extended Magazine Release.

Freddie Blish and the team at Robar were very professional to work with and the work was completed as promised and on time. The ability to pick and choose options, rather than a set package makes your pistol truly custom for you.

After carrying and shooting many different pistols over a very long career, I can say without a doubt that none of them are “perfect” for everyone. My advice is to find the pistol that best fits your needs, and then send to to Robar and have it made perfect for you.

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Bob Henckel is a retired Police Officer and currently serves with the Department of the Air Force. He has 40 years combined military and law enforcement experience. Bob has experience in Patrol, Training, Emergency Service Team Member and was the Senior Firearms Instructor and Armorer in his previous department. Bob also has over 25 years experience as a Firearms Instructor. He holds numerous Instructor Certifications in Pistol, Carbine and Shotgun. He is also a Certified Instructor in Concealed Carry, Force On Force, Active Shooter, NRA Advanced Pistol Instructor, ASP Baton and OC Spray.

5 thoughts on “ROBAR/10-8/MSW GLOCK17-PART 4

  1. For the longest time I resisted doing any customization to my Glocks as it went against my whole philosophy on the platform. BUT, my recent visit with Robar changed my mind. The texturing, grip angle reduction, and Tri-Fit grip inserts added a degree of ergonomics that gave the Glock something it had always been missing: pride of ownership. There is no doubt Glocks perform, but these modifications really made the gun stand out. Is this an emotional response, sure. I can perform with a bone stock G17 or G19. But certainly these mods make the gun that much nicer, and that was enough to make me pull the trigger on ordering one.

  2. I noticed that the trigger pin and the locking block pin are different. They are not black like the factory ones. Are they aftermarket? If so who’s are they.

    • Chuck
      The pins are the stock pins, but they were treated with NP3 as were any of the parts which appear silver. Check out Parts 1,2,3 of the review for more information.

      Be Safe

  3. The modifications on yur jGlock look cool but the most important thing is they make the pistol function even better!!!! I have had a few Glock’s sent to Robar and they always comeback like Tactical Art! I Can’t wait I have a Glock 23 comming this week NP3 Plus, textute, high triger guard, Apex extracture and the famous beaver tail. There beaver tails are awesome. I have them texture the top of the beaver tail.l Less shinny and I think it looks good too.
    Robar’s customer service is great too. Yesterday Freddie Bliss took his time while I was trying get the right credit card to work.
    That’s what I call customer service. Freddie is a busy man and could of pawned me off to an assistant but know he took care of me with a smile. I could tell he was smiling on the other end of the phone.LOL
    Mr. Barkman you have a great crew working for you.
    That is why I’m sending TWO more Gloc 23 C’s to get fully customed. I’m just haveing a hard time trying to figure what I want to do to them. I want it to be tacticaly cool but it also must run tacticaly funtional. Looks are great but you must have form and function. The guys at Robar under the Tactical Master Freddie Bill are High Speed and Low Drag!!
    Keep up the great work and I hope everybody enjoys thelong Holiday weekend.
    I’m working.

  4. I have to apoligize for all the misspellings and gramar. This just goes to show you always re read what you send and don’t be in a hurry to send.
    Always remember . Slow is fast and Fast is Smooth.

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