Pic of the Day: Salient Arms M&P

This is Kyle Lamb’s personal M&P, customized by Salient Arms.  It features a lightened slide with new cocking serrations, a trigger job with a light break and very short takeup/reset, gold TiN KKM barrel, and full frame texturing.  The lightened slide made the gun track very sharply in recoil, snapping back on target very quickly.  The photo was taken at the recent VTAC Street Fighter class.

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About Hilton Yam

Hilton Yam is the founder of 10-8 Performance, LLC. He is a full time law enforcement officer in Florida with extensive experience working robbery and violent fugitives. He is currently assigned to firearms training and SWAT. He is a team leader as well as the lead instructor for his team, responsible for providing training in firearms, CQB, rappelling, defensive tactics, and team tactics. Hilton is also responsible for RDT&E of equipment. He has carried a 1911 extensively on duty, and has spent a great deal of time examining what makes the guns succeed and fail.

8 thoughts on “Pic of the Day: Salient Arms M&P

    • I wouldn’t pick it as a duty pistol, but it started as a service pistol and was modified into something that is at the very least, interesting to look at and play with.

  1. I am certainly no expert. But I do want to point out that the lightened cuts are rounded. I have seen some home-gamers who do these mods at home. In one case, the particular individual worked very hard to get squared corners on his cuts.

    Unfortunately, the squared corners focus a stress point that will more likely result in slide cracking. Most old-school 1911 guys know this.

    Cool post.


  2. This looks like the tool instructor Chris Costa is pushing.what’s with the gold member barrel..?

    • Mr. Lamb is no tool my friend..Chris Costa on the other hand..rates his own box.

  3. It’d be interesting to hear your thoughts of the Salient trigger(s) compared to the Apex trigger(s) for the M&P pistol.

    • The Salient triggers are a system that you must have them install. Apex components may be purchased by the end user in a nearly endless variety of configurations, which can be user or gunsmith installed. I have Apex components in every one of my M&P since they can be tailored to whatever you want.

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