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I recently attended the SIG Sauer Academy – Close Quarter Pistol Operator Course. This one day class was taught by Todd Rassa. Todd is a Sig Instructor and also has his own training company Tactical Defense Readiness Concepts. He also works for a large municipal Police Dept. I had been to SIG twice in the past for armorer classes and had been impressed with the facilities and staff. In the two years since my last visit, they have been busy. It’s almost worth the trip there just to see the Pro Shop. (Leave Your Credit Card At Home).

Class started promptly at 0830 with 6 students attending, 4 of us being Law Enforcement Instructors and 2 Civilian Shooters. In speaking with the other students we were all either looking to improve skills or as a tune up and continuing education. (See I’m The Police Firearms Instructor, I Don’t Train Anymore).

Todd started the class with a safety briefing and then discussed CQB and the OODA Loop. His reasoning that we need to teach and train in CQB as a majority of defensive situations are indeed going to be at contact distance is valid, and was an eye opener for some. The need for muzzle-target separation was also explained. His explanation of the OODA Loop, brought home the point of the need to short circuit your adversaries plan.

Todd’s teaching style is professional but easy going and lends itself to a wide variety of experience levels. As several of us were instructors as well, Todd brought our experiences and training into the class to make various points. The classroom portion of the day lasted for about an hour, and then it was onto the range.

Once on the range, drills were demonstrated and the pros and cons explained prior to preforming them. Something I found refreshing, instead of the do it this way because  approach.

Without going into detail on specific techniques taught in class. The tried and true retention techniques were taught as well as the CAR and Modified CAR. I found the Modified CAR very useful. Muzzle-Target Separation was stressed, as were various distraction techniques. Movement was incorporated into each drill, also stressed was the reality that your ability to move due to obstacles will be limited. Single and multiple threats were addressed.

Fast but accurate shot placement from various positions was the order of the day, including starting from seated positions. I found the techniques realistic and applicable to real world situations for myself and my students. At no time was a “I invented this”, or “It was invented here” demeanor shown. Round count was ample to get the repetitions of the skill sets, without being unmanageable during our ammunition depleted times.

I would recommend this class to anyone who wishes to expand or refresh the tools in their “Tactical Toolbox”. SIG Academy has built a top notch facility and has a professional staff as well.

Be Safe.



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Bob Henckel is a retired Police Officer and currently serves with the Department of the Air Force. He has 40 years combined military and law enforcement experience. Bob has experience in Patrol, Training, Emergency Service Team Member and was the Senior Firearms Instructor and Armorer in his previous department. Bob also has over 25 years experience as a Firearms Instructor. He holds numerous Instructor Certifications in Pistol, Carbine and Shotgun. He is also a Certified Instructor in Concealed Carry, Force On Force, Active Shooter, NRA Advanced Pistol Instructor, ASP Baton and OC Spray.

4 thoughts on “AAR SIG Academy-Close Quarter Pistol Operator

  1. It’s so nice to see and here from others in the training field that they still will take classes from other instructors.we try and push our students to take a page out of their normal training habits and learn from others.to me it a way to advocate what it is we are trying to teach and push on others who want to learn this way of combative arts.
    Thank you..
    Stay low and reload

  2. Great review Bob.
    Have personally taken this class, and many classes with Todd, he’s an outstanding instructor, and I make a point of attending any offering he has up. The CAR technique is another tool for the toolbox.

  3. Agree completely with Bruce. Really enjoy Todd’s classes and find them full of fresh insight and personal challenges. Sig has a world class facility.

  4. Nice review of Todd’s class. And the Sig Sauer Academy has indeed grown into a fantastic facility since I was first an adjunct there nearly 20 years ago. The recent expansion of the ProShop was desperately needed, and nicely executed.

    Speaking of the Academy, I’m currently a guest instructor up there myself, and will be running one of my Law of Self Defense Seminars there on March 16. If interested: http://www.sigsaueracademy.com/Courses/ShowCourseDetails.aspx?CourseID=278

    –Andrew, @LawSelfDefense

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