K-9 Handler and Firearms Instructor S. Sharpe uses a SIRT 110 PRO training pistol while giving in-service training to a group of police officers. Photo Credit: S. Sharpe

Most shooters understand the SIRT Training Pistol from Next Level Training is an excellent training tool for dry practice away from the range. What many don’t realize is that there is a universe of training potential for the SIRT on the range as well. By integrating the SIRT into live fire training, you can help mitigate the flinch response and focus on trigger control. A 3 to 1 ratio or so (three reps SIRT to 1 rep live fire) will develop trigger control drills while still keeping you honest with recoil management. Try it and you’ll see great results.

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Tim Lau has over a decade of experience as an end user, armorer and instructor. He has worked for several well known firearms training organizations, and holds multiple firearms instructor certifications. He owns and operates 10-8 Consulting, LLC, which provides industry consulting services as well as marksmanship and specialized firearms training to qualified civilian, law enforcement and military personnel.