Pat McNamara’s Grid of Fire Drill

Last December I took a combined carbine / pistol class from Pat McNamara – author of TAPS and Sentinel. During the class, we worked on an earlier version of his Grid of Fire drill. We did it with a handgun. The course works on bursts of movement – five yards at a time – in different directions, target acquisition and all of the fundamentals.

This past week, Pat posted a video showing and explaining the drill on his YouTube channel. It is a drill worth doing.

Pat’s company – TMACS Inc – and his bio can be found here:

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Erick has been a Deputy Sheriff with a large northern California Sheriff’s office since 1990. Currently assigned to patrol, he is also a Senior Firearms Instructor and armorer. His prior assignments include gang violence suppression and narcotics investigations. Erick served in Iraq as an Infantry squad leader. He also teaches at Gunsite and has worked for Aimpoint.

4 thoughts on “Pat McNamara’s Grid of Fire Drill

  1. Pat is definitely the epitome of enthusiasm. Can’t wait to take a class with him. Hell, if even just his few YouTube clips raise my heart rate just a bit, class must be intense.

  2. His classes are scheduled through Alias Security. He can crank the classes motivation level up pretty well.

  3. Great drill covering realistic shooting positions. Protimer’s add artificial stress and peer pressure. Especially when your do it with your Team or other shooters.
    Pat is on my bucket list of Instructors to train with.

    Good stuff Tim.

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