CARACAL F 9mm Pistol – The Insides

Takedown is exactly like that of a Glock, so yes, you do have to press the trigger to de-cock the gun before disassembly.

This group of pictures are of the Caracal F as I received it.  It arrived very dry and I suspect if it had been shot that way, it would have lasted about 200 rounds or so before it began to have problems.  I have since cleaned it all up and Frog Lubed the gun so it is ready to go for the range tomorrow.

The inside of the Caracal slide is much different than a lot of the other guns out there.

I’m told that the recoil spring will last 8-10K rounds. We will have to see about that.

The barrel looks and feels like its’ Glock counterpart.

The finish on the barrel is much like the rest of the gun. Smooth, even and well applied. Inside and out this gun is quite the looker devoid of any large or obvious machining marks.

I should have paid more attention in science class. I’m sure this all makes sense to many of you.

The inside of the Caracal looks a lot like a cross between a Glock and a M&P.

Three Stages of the Striker: First, De-cocked Note the empty hole in the middle of the rear sight/back-plate.

Stage Two: Partially cocked with trigger forward.

Stage Three: Final Cocking while pressing trigger.

Shooting starts in the morning.  More to follow.  Stay Safe & Keep Training!


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  1. Thanks for the views of the gun Scott. I’ve only seen one, that was several years ago in a Pawn Shop, and I didn’t have an opportunity to shoot it. A very interesting read on a gun that most of us don’t get to see and shoot.

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