Glock 19 EDC Photo Of The Day

Custom Gen 3 Glock 19 EDC with MDFA Kydex Carry Gear

Given recent incidents involving Active Shooters and current threats we all face, I rethought my EDC weapon selection. While I enjoy the 1911 platform and shoot it well, the ammunition capacity and ability to mount a WML were lacking.

Being a believer in maximizing your equipment for the shooters real needs and preferences, I made the following modifications to my Gen 3 Glock 19. I removed the finger grooves from the front strap, rounded and high cut the triggerguard, as well as slightly flattening the backstrap and added a Jentra Grip Plug.  I then stippled the triggerguard and grip, leaving the factory molded checkering on the backstrap. I slightly relieved the frame at the magazine release. I installed Vickers Tactical Magazine and Slide Releases as well as an Apex Failure Resistant Extractor. A 10-8 Rear Sight and an Ameriglo Hackathorn Front Sight completed the external modifications. Internally I polished the fire control parts and installed a Glock – connector and a NY-1 trigger spring which yields an 8 lb. 6 oz. trigger pull. The NY-1 spring gives a consistent pull and faster more positive reset for me. The NY-1 Spring also addresses the possible breakage of the standard trigger return spring, which I have had happen to my duty pistol.

A Streamlight TLR-1 HL rounds out the pistol. 2 -17 Round  Spare Magazines give a total ammunition capacity of 50 rounds.

This pistol has proven to be 100 % reliable with my chosen defensive ammunition, and is more than accurate enough.

Assess your needs and make your choices. Let me know what you think and what your choices are?

Stay Safe

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About Bob Henckel

Bob Henckel is a retired Police Officer and currently serves with the Department of the Air Force. He has 40 years combined military and law enforcement experience. Bob has experience in Patrol, Training, Emergency Service Team Member and was the Senior Firearms Instructor and Armorer in his previous department. Bob also has over 25 years experience as a Firearms Instructor. He holds numerous Instructor Certifications in Pistol, Carbine and Shotgun. He is also a Certified Instructor in Concealed Carry, Force On Force, Active Shooter, NRA Advanced Pistol Instructor, ASP Baton and OC Spray.

10 thoughts on “Glock 19 EDC Photo Of The Day

  1. I had bounced between my Bowie 17/19 and 2112 nodded 1911 for a few years but am now 100% glock with a similar setup and rationale. I added a surefire wml with corresponding iwb holster from blade tech and one 17 rd mag with glock 2 shot extender. The turning point was all the officer down columns from police marksman, introduced to me through this excellent website.

  2. Just transitioning back to a nineteen from a 34, and with the exception of the rear sight it’s the set up you describe. Plan on trying the 10-8 rear shortly. I have not gotten up the nads to work on the frame just yet but my plan mirrors yours. The NY-1 spring really helps to make the trigger and reset feel more consistent although in my opinion it feels lighter than you describe with a minus connector.

    After going back to the G-19 several times over the years I finally decided nothing else will do as much for me in an environment where even bears seldom get over 300 pounds. Well placed nines will handle everything I’m likely to encounter.

  3. What’s the POA/ POI in that setup? I’m guessing your running a .156″ rear?

  4. It’s a fine choice…perhaps the best power to size ratio of any pistol today. I’ve recently put my 1911 back in the safe too. It’s no BBQ gun, and while my 1911 has been a great pistol and I still would feel confident protecting myself with it, recent events have had me reconsidering as well. 24 rounds vs 50 rounds in a lighter setup, equal shootability (for me) and less recoil is a big big deal to me.

  5. My personal EDC is a similar Glock 19. It’s supposed to have the standard 5 pound trigger, but it measures 8 on my trigger pull gauge. Mine also has the Vicker’s mag and slide release. However, mine has the Viridian C5L laser/light combo attached. Other modifications include I.C.E. Claw sights (Tritium front), Grip Force beavertail, Glock 17 smooth face trigger, Nowlin grip plug with lanyard loop and a Lone Wolf barrel.

    Carry gear is a Dakota Defender IWB holster from Nelson Holsters in nOrth Carolina and horizontal mag carrier from Mag Holder.

    • Per the photo caption, the holster and pouch in the photo are made by Maine Defensive Firearms Academy.

  6. Respectfully I go a different direction. I carry two small guns because I have yet to come up with an excuse not slip a pocket gun on as opposed to putting on my favorite K-frame. A J-frame, Glock 26, or lightly customized Ruger SP-101 are amongst my choices. I would say that the key is taking your carry guns and shooting them. Does it suck to run my J-frame at 50 yards, sure but I practice it because that might come in handy one day. Just my two cents.

  7. I too have switched my EDC. I use to carry a 5-shot J-frame, 2 extra speed-loaders (since the late 80’s). But after receiving and practicing “active-shooter” training every year since 2006 I have switched over to a Glock 26 and carry 2 extra G-19 mags. It’s a little bulky (pocket carry), but I like the fire-power and the faster reload that it offers. Been thinking about a M&P Shield for summer carry–we’ll see…

  8. I bounce between a S&W M&P9c with Tru-Glo nightsights and an extra mag, and my other (mostly in summer) is a S&@ Shield 9 with stock sights, both eat anything and I use raven concealment for holsters and mag carriers.

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