Another View on the Mini Red Dot Sight from Trijicon (RMR02)

I have been running a Trijicon RMR-02 Mini Red Dot Sight on my duty pistol for some time now. Earlier this year in March, after intentionally dropping the pistol while training with my back-up gun I noticed a significant zero shift. I re-zeroed the sight and did not have any more issues. Unfortunately, in early October, I experienced a repeated problem with the sight losing zero. So the sight went back to Trijicon for warranty repair.

When the sight was returned to me, I reinstalled it on my M&P. After cycling the windage and elevation adjustments, I mechanically zeroed the dot and marked the adjustments with a paint pen.

A few days later I took it to the range with a mixture of ammunition – frangible, ball and jacketed hollow-point.

By the end of the third magazine, the windage adjustment and the dot began shifting clockwise on their own, as you can see below.

At the end of the sixth magazine (100 rounds), more windage shifting was noted.

By the time I finished the ninth magazine, the windage adjustment had moved one-third of a turn. When I had finished firing two hundred rounds there had not been any more movement.

During this shoot, the dot visibly shifted to the right consistent with the clockwise movement of the windage adjustment. There were no problems with either windage adjustment or the electronics.

So, where am I at with this? I’ve sent a request to Trijicon for a return authorization. Once I get it, the sight will go back to them. When I get it back, I will repeat the above process before I look at going back to using it on duty. Stay tuned for updates here!

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About Erick Gelhaus

Erick has been a Deputy Sheriff with a large northern California Sheriff’s office since 1990. Currently assigned to patrol, he is also a Senior Firearms Instructor and armorer. His prior assignments include gang violence suppression and narcotics investigations. Erick served in Iraq as an Infantry squad leader. He also teaches at Gunsite and has worked for Aimpoint.

6 thoughts on “Another View on the Mini Red Dot Sight from Trijicon (RMR02)

  1. Is it me, or do ALL of the Trijicon RMRs have super easy turrets?

  2. Why can’t there be a design change? Take the M&P iron rear sight as an example, there is a screw through the center that ensures stability through recoil. This design feature is available through airsoft’s adjustable hop-up system and even on some guitar effect pedals to ensure a consistent setting. My point is that the concepts/technology is there to fix the problem, but how many warranty repairs will t take to overhaul the design?

  3. Why can’t they just add windage and elevation adjustment locks like some of the earlier burris fastifires and similiar MRDS used? Seems like a simple fix.

  4. What make and model holster do you use for duty carry (the first photo)???

  5. Changes are already in effect for RMRs received back from warranty repair, and more are being examined. Locking adjustments would be an option, but they are slower to use and the optic is very small so it is a challenge to cram in everything that we want.

    The duty holsters that currently work are the 6004 and 6280 (same holster, different belt attachment) SLS models, with a small window cut out to accommodate the RMR. The ALS models can work, but require much more extensive modification to the holster body and ALS latch itself. The ALS mods require disassembly of the holster. At this point, I’d recommend the SLS models with the hood, as the cutout is easy to do.

  6. Hilton Yam

    Thanks for this info… I am definitely going to give it a try!

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