First Look- SIG MCX Carbine in 300 Blackout.

Last week, I was out at the SIG Academy teaching a class when one of my friends who is one of their engineers showed up with all kinds of cool stuff.

One of these items was a suppressed SIG MCX in 300 Blackout.  I didn’t have a lot of time due to teaching, but I ran enough ammo through it to say without a doubt…….wow.

I only got to shoot it at about 65 yards onto eight inch steel plates.  Recoil of subsonic and standard velocity ammunition was very controllable.  In select fire, I was able to keep two and sometimes three round bursts onto a steel plate most of the time.  I also noticed that the gun and suppressor combo was as quiet as an MP5SD3 I had back in the day.

So……I asked for one for T&E.  I was told as soon as a non-select fire is available, I’ll get shipped out, along with some of SIG’s new 300 Blackout ammo.

Stay tuned……..

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Jerry Jones has been a Sheriff's Deputy in Kentucky since 1996. Jerry is currently assigned as a patrol deputy, firearms instructor and senior operator/training supervisor with a multi jurisdictional tactical team. Jerry is Kentucky POST certified to teach firearms, SWAT, and sniper operations and deployment at the Academy level. Jerry is also the President/CEO of Operation Specific Training and the Law Enforcement Representative for Apex Tactical Specialties.

2 thoughts on “First Look- SIG MCX Carbine in 300 Blackout.

  1. Oh man, that’s like showing nuts to a starving squirrell with no teeth.

  2. It sounds like Ethan, great guy. He knows how to build a rifle, especially anything to do with the 300 blk out.

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