Review- Surefire SOCOM Muzzle Brake

So, I am a self admitted muzzle brake newb here.  I’ve only been fooling with them for about a year now, so I am most definitely the new guy on the block.  I’ve always been a fan of the A2 style flash hider, if for nothing else as to not be annoying to my fellow shooters as  there are brakes out there that are down right annoying.

I took a Frank Proctor class a year a while back and it made me obsessed with observing dot track in setting up a rifle.  The drill is simple.  A 3×5 card at 10 yards, fire rounds at a pace of about one round a second, and watch the dot on the optic track.  Most DI AR15’s I own with the A2 flash hider naturally want to track up and to the right.  My issued HK416 is somewhat less so with a more straight up track.

So, I started messing with various brakes to see if I could find a happy medium between not generating so loud a concussion from the brake that my fellow shooters and I rattle the fillings in our teeth, and having an improvement on how the dot tracks on the rifle.  The Surefire MB556K seems to be the best of both worlds on the mid length gas system rifle.  I get a consistent track of the dot at speed inside the card which makes any practical follow up shot a breeze.  The brake is well made, however, it is a bit pricy compared to some of the other offerings out there.  It also adds about an extra 1 3/4 inches to the length of the rifle over an A2 flash hider.

I highly recommend the Surefire MB556K brake as a shooting aid.

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