SHOT and 10-8 for 2015

New for 2015, the 10-8 Glock base pad in FDE.

As you read this, I am probably in transit to SHOT Show in Las Vegas, our industry’s annual gathering to unleash the latest new products. I have only missed one show in 15 years (2014), and am looking forward to meeting up with old friends, making new ones, and checking out what our industry has to offer this year.  Continue reading

Controlling time?

Last weekend I was at the range with a party of different shooters and friends.  There were several kinds of props and targets and everyone was having a good time shooting.  The group consisted of some novice shooters and at one station there was a military guy with his “babe” of a girlfriend.  She had taken up a stock Glock and was trying to knock down plates on the plate rack.  Well…she was struggling.  She was jerking the trigger, throwing shots repeatedly to the left driving through the magazine.  At this point, her “stud” came over and told her the all knowing advice of “slow dow and get your hits!”  Duh!  Just slow down and get your hits.  Of course this did NOT go well.  Our heroine tried her heart out but only managed to miss slowwwwly. Continue reading

1980’s Throwback for the 1911

In yesterday’s post, I promised to discuss the holster and magazine in the photograph. For starters, the knife was an easy one to ID – a classic Gerber Mark II in factory black finish. That knife is probably one of my favorite all time knives, though a dagger design with a smooth double guard handle is impractical for most applications. Continue reading

Back to the 80’s, 1911 Style

For last week’s Throwback Thursday post on my 10-8 Performance Instagram page,  I posted the above photo of a 1911 build I did back in 2001, along with a challenge to identify the holster rig, knife, and magazine. In a depressing turn of events which highlights a certain lack of attention span in social media, no one was able to ID the mag or holster. Let’s see if MSW readers can do any better. The answers will be featured in tomorrow’s article. Continue reading

The History of the 10-8 1911 Trigger


From front to back: Trigger01, Trigger02, Trigger03

A recent discussion on Facebook about the 1911 industry and trigger designs reminded me that it would probably be of interest to our readers to go over the history of the 10-8 1911 triggers.

Before I delve into 10-8 triggers, a quick word on 1911 triggers is in order. Back in the early 1980’s, the dawn of the 1911 aftermarket part industry as we know it, there were just a few options for a custom trigger in your gun, and it usually was a Videki, King’s Gunworks, or a Wilson. Some other ones might have been around, but they slip my mind right now. It wasn’t like it is now, where you have a whole Brownells sub catalog filled with only 1911 parts. Continue reading

The 10-8 Glock Magazine Base Pad

I am very proud to introduce the new 10-8 Performance Glock magazine base pad!  This has been a very long process of design and testing, and we are very excited to finally launch these.

The new pads are injection molded from glass reinforced nylon, and they are extremely tough and resistant to impact. Our pads fit and install the same as the factory pads, use the factory retainer plate, and no extra parts are required.

The 10-8 pad is slightly thicker than the factory pad, and features angled sides and front to allow for easy stripping of stuck magazines. The pads also feature a grooved front and scalloped sides for positive grip during manipulations. The bottom of the pad features our usual dimples for marking your magazines.

They are available in any color you like, as long as it is black. These pads are extremely lightweight at only .24 oz.

The pads fit Glock magazines for 9mm, .40 S&W, .357 Sig, .45 GAP. NOT compatible with early production non metal lined (Gen1) Glock magazines. Continue reading

The Modified Glock

Glocks tend to run great out of the box.  They are reliable, and accurate.  I have a friend who shoots a lot of 3 gun and IDPA with a completely stock Glock 17 with the plastic sights, and does it well.  Some folks like to simply change out of the plastic “filler” sights that come stock, for aftermarket sights such as 10-8’s.

I like my Glocks a bit more modified.  Above is a brand new Gen4 G19 that is a recent acquisition.  The gun shot great out of the box, but there are changes that I like to make for my own benefit. Continue reading

First Look: 10-8 Performance Glock Base Pad

Ever since the introduction of our extremely popular M&P base pads, customers have been clamoring for the same design concept to be brought to the Glock.  These new pads will be injection molded from glass reinforced nylon, and they are super tough and resistant to impact.  Our pads fit and install the same as the factory pads, use the factory retainer plate, and no extra parts are required. Continue reading

Embracing the Glock 22


Not long ago, this article could easily have been titled “Glock .40.  No.”  For most of the gun buying public, I would still say that buying any handgun in .40 is a wasted effort.  With the advances in 9mm JHP cartridges, the 9 gives up an inconsequential amount over the .40 in terms of performance.  For just plain shooting, you will be hard pressed to find .40 FMJ for as low a price as 9mm FMJ.  Add the additional recoil and wear on the gun, and the .40 is left as a rather distant second to the 9mm.  So why is my latest training gun a .40?  Well why not….. Continue reading

My Personal Path Away From The 1911

It has been noted more than once that lately there seem to have been many MSW articles recommending against the use of the 1911 as a service pistol.  This is not really a new trend, and even since the days of the 10-8 Forums we have always cautioned folks that the 1911 is not for the casual user.

Starting with IPSC back in the 80’s, I traveled a long road of being a devoted user of the 1911 in both competition and duty applications, a builder of custom 1911s, and a designer of 1911 components.  The last 15 years or so had seen the 1911 absolutely dominate my existence, and everything I did seemed to revolve around the gun.  With all this devotion to the 1911, it is even more telling then why I went away from it.

Continue reading

Sight Selection: Mixing and Matching

One of the most common questions we see in the 10-8 Performance office is the compatibility of one brand of sight with another.  It is great that the market is filled with so many excellent options that shooters can pick from, but not all the brands are able to play together.  So how do you go about mixing and matching different brands of sights? Continue reading

The 10-8 M&P Mag Well and Magazine Compatibility

M&P Base Pads From L: 10-8 original style, Arredondo, Speed Shooters Specialties, Taylor Freelance, 10-8 XTC, Taran Tactical

We released the 10-8 Performance M&P magazine well earlier this week, and I am very excited that it has been so well received.  We are almost sold out of the first run of parts, and the accompanying XTC base pads already sold out.  With the release of this product has already come further discussion about the litany of aftermarket base pads and if/why they are or are not compatible.  I thought it would be worthwhile to discuss here.

Continue reading