PHOTO OF THE DAY: Mk 262 Ammo from Colt?

Not long ago, Colt introduced a new line of ammunition they call their “Hunting and Defense Match”, which is manufactured for them by the renowned ammunition company, Black Hills. Loaded to 5.56 NATO specifications, the 77 grain variant is essentially the Mk 262 Mod 1 Black Hills offering in a Colt box. It’s currently distributed by Midway USA and was in stock until recently. Let’s hope more comes in soon.

Photo of the Day: Hornady Match 308 Ammo

Finally getting ready to do some accuracy testing on the S&W M&P 10.

Not long ago, I purchased a Smith & Wesson M&P10 .308 rifle and my initial impressions of the gun were extremely positive. It features quite a few nice features, and the aggressive price point makes it an attractive addition to the market. Most importantly, the gun actually works well. I’ve been meaning to get to the range and do some accuracy testing, but other commitments got in the way (and I really hate zeroing optics.) Hornady was generous enough to send out a few boxes of their excellent 308 for the test, so look forward to an accuracy report here.

Heavy Training With A Weapon Mounted Light


Cleaning handguns after heavy training can be tedious. Cleaning a weapon mounted light can be even worse.  The above pistol had nearly 3,000 rounds through it in a foolish stunt to see if we could make it break.  The gun got so hot at times that I had to rack the slide on my holster during reloads because I could not touch it with Oakley gloves on.  I do not advocate abusing a modern service weapon in the way we did above at any time.  But, sometimes during product development it is necessary. Continue reading


Atlanta Arms and 10-8 goodness.

Those who have been around the pistol competition circuit are already familiar with Atlanta Arms & Ammunition, but many who regularly practice on the range or in classes may not be familiar with this excellent company. Many of us at 10-8 regularly shoot this ammunition at matches and for practice and for good reason: the ammunition is clean, consistent, accurate, and reasonably priced.

Founded in 1976, Atlanta Arms and Ammunition has built its reputation on manufacturing first quality ammunition for competitors. Just a few shooters that use Atlanta Arms and Ammunition: the US Army Marksmanship Unit, Max Michel, Phil Strader, Rob Leatham, Jessie Duff, and the Glock Shooting Team.

Atlanta Arms offers a variety of loads appropriate for a variety of sports, matches, or training events. The ammunition is available as factory new, or factory remanufactured. We at 10-8 have shot quite a bit of the remanufactured ammunition and can attest to its quality and consistency. Take a look at their website and find the load that best suits your needs.