About Sean M

Sean M is a former sworn, full time Law Enforcement Officer, a Former U.S. Marine, and is currently an active duty Military Special Operations trainer. He has over 20 years military experience and has completed nine operational deployments to Iraq, Afghanistan, Somalia, and other parts of north Africa and the Middle East. He is fluent in Modern Standard Arabic, and has instructed hundreds of military and law enforcement students worldwide. He is currently the Chief Urban Combat Instructor for his organization.

SSI Knives: Special Circumstances Require Special Tools

SSI Maleficus. Photo courtesy SSI website.

I’m a gun guy. Like most “gun guys”, I tend to focus mostly on guns, with mild amusement found in other forms of self-defense tools. Most “other than guns” items I have come across barely get me to raise an eyebrow, let alone warrant spreading the word among my friends, let alone spreading the word via the internet. However, a few months ago, I came across a custom knife maker who was enough different than others that not only did it catch my eye, intrigue my curiosity, and help lighten my wallet; but it has also proven to be quite functional in my layered protection program. At last count, I had somewhere around  30-40 high end folding knives, another 10-15 fixed blade field knives, and at least 5-10 small fixed blades for concealed carry. Of those, no less than 5 are full custom knives by some of the bigger names in knife making today. Still, none were really so unique as to urge me to spread the word about them. Continue reading

Training Safety – Reaction vs. Prevention

A lot of information has started to come forth over the past several years as we have watched many of our seasoned combat veterans return, and enter the realm of tactical training. One specialty in particular that has gained a lot of attention from not only our military folks, but also LE, and civilian shooters seeking a more well-rounded set of skills is TCCC (in military parlance), or Tactical Combat Casualty Care. A cadre of well trained, and very experienced medical professionals are offering this type of training all over the country, and it is being well received, and rightly so. Continue reading

Paint: A Guide to a Practical Finish for a Working Gun


It wasn’t all that long ago that if you wanted your rifle colored to break up the distinctly black outline of Gene Stoner’s creation, you grabbed a can of Krylon, and did it yourself. Of course, some painful lessons were learned along the way about which parts should not be painted, and how best to keep paint off of those parts. Thanks to the internet, and communities of “gun guys” popping up all over it, some were able to avoid the early pitfalls, and come through the Kryloning of a high dollar investment without many vulgarities escaping our lips.

Continue reading